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Sebastian Hindle


Name: Sebastian Hindle  

Course: Historical Archaeology 

Year: 2nd Year 

Relationship Status: Single 

Main 'turn on'? Confidence and someone who is able to appreciate my terrible humour.

Main 'turn off'? Girls who wear way too much make-up. It can sometimes look comical and isn't going to attract the right kind of guy.

Describe yourself in three words? Joker, Considerate, Marmite

Who is your celebrity crush? Sofia Vergara (although I did have a misguided Amanda Bynes affection in my early teens)

What dish would you cook to impress a girl?Steak au poivre with dauphinoise potatoes. It's my best dish and I love a girl who can handle her meat.

Would you rather be famous or date someone who is famous?
Definitely date someone famous (preferably Sofia) because I can then pick and choose the events I attend. i.e. Go to the Oscars but skip the boring PR events.
Would you rather be caught cheating or catch your other half cheating? 
Definitely would rather catch the other half cheating. Being upset once is better than being an idiot. Also it really isn't fun being 21 and in a relationship you would want to cheat in; being single is preferable.


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