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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at York chapter.

You all will no doubt be aware that the hashtag, ‘no make up selfie’ has been sweeping the nation. But with a lot of sceptics out there, it’s hard to know now if this bold move to go bare for the camera was a good choice.

For a lot of us, as vein as it is, we do not want to be seen without our makeup. Pair this with an upload to facebook and it seems like every girl’s nightmare. There has been a lot of controversy over this, some saying that ‘you don’t need to take a photo of yourself to give to charity’ and claims that it is ‘self involved’. But, charity is about more than simply giving money, it is about the participation that matters.

For those who have to suffer with the illness, they are faced with feeling vulnerable and are often unsure as to the outcomes of their treatment. Treatment often causing people to lose their hair, and to many, they feel that their looks are lost as their body deteriorates. Yes, taking a selfie without makeup on is not the same thing, but it shows that we are willing to make ourselves that tiny bit more vulnerable for this cause. After all, as girls we can all imagine how devastating it would be to have to endure losing our hair or any of the other consequences. If we choose to get involved, it certainly does show support. People may think it’s self involved, but it is scary for a lot of us! We all have our own insecurities and being able to control how people see you is comforting. To take away this comfort and show the world yourself as you look when you get up in the morning is scary, no matter how silly that may sound to some people. But we are doing it and have already raised so much!

So girls, why not dare to go bare faced for the camera? Whether you want to do a sweet and smiling selfie or a scrunched up face for the camera, it all goes to a good cause! It’s great to participate and get involved with something that will do so much and for those who are suffering with the disease, they will know that people care about finding a cure.