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‘Get Cycling’

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at York chapter.

You arrive on main campus and finally manage to squeeze your bike onto a rail outside Costcutters. You have just had to awkwardly scrape your feet along the ground to stop your bike, as applying the brakes would be too noisy and embarrassing. Oh and you think you have a puncture, the front wheel is flat from that day you were late to your 9am and you hit a pothole. Unfortunately you can’t rummage through your dad’s toolbox to find some oil or a spare inner tube, and although I can hold my hands up to say I have played the ‘damson in distress’ card and knocked next door – this isn’t always possible.

‘Get Cycling’ is situated at 22 Hospital Fields Road York (near Aldi) and offers a vast range of bike services at incredibly reasonable prices. If it’s something minor you can walk in and are likely to get it fixed there and then. If though girls your bike is slightly more battered, you can book it in for a full repair/service and get a courtesy bike free of charge. This prevents those early mornings from getting all that more…early…

The workshop is open from 8:30am until 6pm 6 days a week (excluding Sundays). A puncture repair (including inner tube) is £10 while a full bike clean (including degrease and lube chain) is £17.50. If you have something a little more obscure however, the full pricing list can be seen here. They sell a range of accessories in the store, from lush lights to ‘jelly’ seat covers, oh and if you want to buy something a little more nostalgic they sell pink foil handle bar streamers too. Not even joking.

So girls, if your having bike issues don’t postpone it until you embarrass yourself in front of your course crush, it’s not worth it when there’s a place like ‘get cycling’ so close to campus.