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Careeranista: the woman’s guide to success after college’

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at York chapter.

At Her Campus York we have managed to secure a press release for a new ‘womans guide to success after college.’ Girls give your studying a break and grab a coffee to read this. Trust me, we would all be lying if we said we weren’t even so slightly concerned about what life after uni holds for us…also watch this space for a future campus celebrity. We will be quizzing the author so email us any questions and we may put them to Chaz Pitts-Kyser.

“Just 30 minutes of watching the news is enough to make the average woman graduating from college want to crawl beneath the covers. The headlines always seem to come back to the sluggish economy, high rate of unemployment, fierce competition for jobs, and ultimately, just how unlucky young professionals are for having to build a career amid such misfortune.

The bad news? It really is a tough time for recent graduates. The good news? Armed with a new book ‘Careeranista: the woman’s guide to success after college’ young women can gain the knowledge and insight needed to begin crafting rewarding careers despite any obstacles they may face.


Written by Chaz Pitts-Kyser, a writer and speaker on career and women’s issues, Careeranista is packed with advice to help women better navigate the path from college grad to savvy, sophisticated professional. Those already making a name for themselves will also find Careeranista a must-have resource they can turn to time and time again to solve life’s many career conundrums.

The 32-chapter guide schools readers on everything from job searching in a tough job market, interviewing for jobs, succeeding in a new position, building a positive professional image, managing their boss, and getting their finances in check. But what sets this book apart from other career guides is that it’s specifically written for women and covers topics that most career-related books ignore. Succeeding in corporate America, overcoming self-doubt and fear of failure, attaining work-life balance, and battling sex discrimination are just a few of the real-world issues Careeranista effectively tackles.


“College provides graduates with the book smarts needed to launch their careers, but not necessarily the professional smarts,” notes Pitts-Kyser. “To fill this gap, Careeranista coaches young women on the many aspects of working life, while empowering them to not only face the inevitable challenges ahead, but to take advantage of the myriad opportunities that surround them.”

Interwoven throughout Careeranista are the author’s own stories, humorously written and packed with life lessons. Adding to the book’s depth are personal essays by both seasoned professionals and rising stars. Dozens of tips from career experts further give women the know-how and confidence needed to thrive on their journeys as newly minted Careeranistas.

“Careeranista should be required reading for all young women. The book is full of practical advice, useful tools, and real-life examples of how to survive and thrive in today’s competitive work environment,” said Dr. Julie Furst-Bowe, chancellor of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.”

Note that this book and ebooks can be purchased through Amazon.com and Nook.com or from the website which can be accessed here.”