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Adam Walter Woodley

Name: Adam Walter Woodley 

Year: 2nd Year 

Course: Law

Relationship Status: Taken

Describe yourself in three words
Ambitious, laid back, trustworthy 

Most romantic thing you have done for a girl
Took my girlfriend to my home-town (London), gave her a personal tour, went on a riverboat cruise up the Thames, did some exploring together…and then had lunch! 

Who is your celebrity crush?
Scarlett Johansson

What do you think is sexier, looks or confidence?
A mixture of both, overconfidence is a major turn off 

What is your main ‘turn on’?
Being told what to do. Spontaneity. 

What is a major ‘turn off’? 
Narcissism and over-doing the makeup

What is the most attractive thing a girl can wear?
A good pair of high heels

Would you rather give up your favourite food or sex for a year?
The food, obviously! 


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