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The Worst Halloween Costumes of 2018

Each year I swear the costumes get worse and worse, whether it’s celebrity costumes or just absurd ideas. This year it seems like the lack of creativity has really hit rock bottom and I honestly don’t know who would waste their money on these costumes. From inflatables to seriously questionable ideas, here’s a list of some odd costumes that have hit the Halloween store shelves.


Double Occupancy

This is literally the weirdest costume, I seriously don’t know how I’d feel if I saw this at a Halloween Costume party. I doubt you’ll be winning any costume contests. I already feel super uncomfortable including this one.

Photo via Halloween Costumes


Inflatable Everything and Anything

Here is where all lack of creativity has gone down the drain. Now you can inflate anything you’d like to be, from animals to food the possibilities are just endless.

Photo via Party City

Not going to lie, there may be a slight chance of being a hit at the costume party if you show up as a pizza slice.

Photo via Party City


Women’s Sexy Pennywise Costume

Sorry, but no amount of boot toopers, silver leg warmers and red high heels is going to make me want to be a “sexy” Pennywise. Those words just don’t go together, and how could you forget about poor little Georgie who just wanted his paper boat back. 

RIP Georgie.

Photo via Party City


The Pickle 

Cause who can resist the pickle…

Photo via Halloween Costumes


Esteemed Leader Ride On

Yup I know another inflatable costume, it seriously never ends. This one left me half laughing and half in shock. Gotta give Party City props for always coming out with some real jaw-dropping costumes.

Photo via Party City



I’m not going to lie, when I first saw the title I automatically thought of The Manny from This is Us and this costume was not what I was expecting. Come on, it’s 2018 men can be nurses or nanny’s without making it look like this. Also, this is slightly creepy.

Photo via Party City

P.S the broom isn’t included in the package.



Last but not least, the one that had the internet buzzing this month. May I present to you the costume that really says it all: GHOSTED. Yes that’s right, cause this is definitely what every adolescent teen wants to be for Halloween and of course it’s a female wearing the costume. Oh, did I mention you also have to pay $29.99 +tax to be Ghosted too. Major. Eye. Roll.

Photo via Party City

Let’s hope this year of inflatables ends. My suggestion for this year’s Halloween costumes is you’re better off creating your own DIY costumes. I’ve seen some awesome group costumes like Alvin and the Chipmunks, Mario and Luigi or even The Spice Girls. For some great Halloween costume make-up check out our article here. 

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