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Why it’s Time for you to Visit a Board Game Café

Are you and your friends stuck in a rut? When you get finally get the  time to hang out, is it always the same-old-same-old? Are your family get-togethers now excruciatingly boring? That means it’s time to go to a board game café! 


The gist of a board game café is that you go in with a group, play board games while you snack on food and down some beverages, and pay when you’re done. Pretty simple! They’re a great way to spice up your hang-outs, while helping forge stronger connections with your friends and family. A simple and easy way to have fun, board game cafés are something every post-secondary student needs in their life, especially at this time of the school year.  


Photo of Snakes & Lattes Board Game Cafe in Toronto taken by BlogTO


Luckily for us, Toronto has a huge selection of these cafés to try out. Our very own Second Cup at York Lanes rents out board games. Another board game café close to York is  the Victorian-era inspired Café Princess. If Café Princess isn’t your jam, you can try Snakes & Lattes or Brewhaha. BlogTO also has a great list of the top 20 board game cafés in the area! 


Photo of For the Win Board Game Cafe taken from BlogTO


Next time you want to try something different with your friends and family, check out a game board café!

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