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The Ultimate Galentine’s Day Guide

Many people have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. For some, the day creates an excuse to go on a romantic date with a significant other, exchange gifts and eat a lot of chocolate. For others, it’s a dreaded commercial holiday that highlights their single status. Whether you plan to celebrate Valentine's Day or not, there’s no reason you can’t celebrate the less controversial Galentine’s Day with your girls!

Have a Night In!

Step 1: Send pretty invites to your squad

Sure, you could just send a group text to all your gal pals to tell them about the party, but why not send actual paper invitations to make it feel more official? Download one of these free printable invitations and see the excitement roll in! Tell your friends to each bring their favorite dish, cooked or store bought, and to all come to the host’s home for the best night in ever! Find a movie to watch along with some of that gossip thats been stirring up in your heads and let it all out on the perfect night with some of your closest gal pals!

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Step 2: Treat Yourself

While Valentine's Day and Galentine's Day are times to indulge in sweet treats, you also want to make sure to have savory options. Put together a killer snack spread for everyone to enjoy throughout the night. Foods can vary from loads of chocolate to just plain old pasta in sweats, that's the beauty of a Galentine’s: no pressure to dress up and impress your date! Here’s a simple recipe for Cupid’s Arrows: Valentine’s Day Fruit Kabobs that your pals are sure to love!

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Step 3: Prepare Activities for a Night of Entertainment and Fun

Have a traditional sleepover by watching movies and TV. Grey’s Anatomy, anyone? Create a craft corner and DIY your hearts out making Galentine's and Valentine's Day crafts. Take a million photos in the photo booth with fun props, so you'll have plenty of Instagram-worthy shots to remember the night all while making your followers jealous that they weren’t invited!

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Step 4: Send Your BFFs Home with DIY Party Favors

Don't let your girls leave empty-handed by giving them something to remember the great night! Give them a DIY gift they'll actually want, like these marbled jewelry dishes, for example. They’re super easy to make and stylish too!

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All in all, we cannot just simply ignore the 14th of February as if it were nothing but we can, however, integrate these tips into the 14th of every month! Why not turn a boring Valentine’s day tradition into an exciting MONTHLY GNO?

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