The Ultimate Fall Playlist

Now that the leaves are falling and changing colors, and the weather is starting to cool down, everyone is getting into the swing of the fall season. Musicians have different ways of expressing the seasons and certain genres tend to go with certain seasons better, helping you get into the spirit of things. During the fall, I personally find that alternative music and country fit the mood better and feel more like fall than other genres. However, that doesn't mean I don't like listening to songs from other genres during the fall season. I am all about the variety so keep reading and you might find some new songs to add to your playlist this year!

  1. 1. “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood

    This song is a classic. I mean, the title really says it all! This is a controversial song with various interpretations of what the iconic lines “'Cause it's too cold for you here, and now, so let me hold, both your hands in the holes of my sweater” mean; ranging from talking about a lost girlfriend to wanting to travel the world. However, everyone can agree that this is a go-to song when it comes to getting into the fall spirit.

  2. 2. “Tear In My Heart” by Twenty One Pilots

    This song is sort of a pumped up song to listen to on any type of day, whether you're out with friends or enjoying the cool weather and changing leaves alone. The music throughout the song builds and gets more intense, much like the band’s portrayal in the accompanying music video, this song is sure to help with those long cold nights.

  3. 3. “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day

    I mean, this song is literally titled the beginning of fall. True to its melancholic meaning, this song’s sorrow and the emotion in Billie Joe Armstrong’s voice is sure to get you in your feels anytime of the year.

  4. 4. “All Too Well” by Taylor Swift

    In this song, you find Taylor Swift reminiscing about a past relationship from beginning to end. The pain and emotion in Taylor’s voice will have you rethinking that summer fling you once had. This song is calming and soothing and is perfect for when you’re taking a walk in the cool fall air.

  5. 5. “Take Me To Church” by Hozier

    This is a song where you can hear the desperation and struggle in the voice of the singer. Hozier was a struggling musician when he produced this song and his humility is evident in the music. A song about sexuality and claiming what is rightfully yours, this track is empowering and is just the anthem you need for the cold fall season.

  6. 6. “Someone You Loved” Lewis Capaldi

    Lewis wrote this song to a past partner whom he misses. He feels as though he gave the relationship everything and she left him anyway. Now, he just wants someone to love because he misses the way it felt with his ex. This is the perfect ballad to get you in the relaxing and calming fall mood.

  7. 7. “Believe” by Mumford & Sons

    This song talks about the harshness and uncertainty of a relationship. The fall is seen as the season to reflect on what's going on in your life, and as a student, there is certainly a lot of uncertainty in my life. It can be a time to focus on yourself and think back on all the things you have going on, to jot things down and start a journal, or just to clear your head with some friends. Occupying your mind will help you forget the things you’re unsure about, and that’s precisely the point “Believe” makes: to believe in yourself and believe that everything will work out.

  8. 8. “Talk Too Much” by COIN

    This was a song I heard in a local coffee shop last fall and fell in love with immediately. COIN is an upcoming indie band that sways their listeners with music to help them forget their worries. “Talk Too Much” was the leading single from their album How Will You Know if You Never Try. This song expands on the idea that sometimes, we have to leave things unsaid and its okay to walk away and start anew. For me, the beginning of fall is almost a gateway to a new, upcoming year which is a great time to just forget about everything and reinvent yourself.

  9. 9. “Sky Walker” by Miguel ft. Travis Scott

    Miguel is known for being an artist who always makes music that is sad, heartbreaking or about a significant other. However, this song is completely different. In a Genius interview, Miguel mentioned that the song shows the fun side of his personality that most of his fans don’t know. Add in mega artist Travis Scott and the song inevitably becomes more exciting. This is a great song for when you’re out with friends or just driving and taking in the nice fall views; the beats and the lyrics are sure to get you moving.

  10. 10. “If You Can’t Hang” by Sleeping With Sirens

    With lead singer Kellin Quinn of popular punk rock band Sleeping With Sirens hitting beautiful notes, “If You Can’t Hang” hits home for anybody who has ever been in a relationship thinking that it would last forever, only to have it end. The overcoming of struggle in this song is amazing, uplifting and definitely motivating; just the type of motivation you need to get through the cold months.