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Trying New Things

Usually, I’m the kind of person who would rather stay home, eat the same foods I grew up with, listen to the same songs I’ve loved for years, and generally not try anything new. Trying new things has always been strangely difficult for me; sometimes when my favorite bands release new music, it takes me months to even try listening to one new song. Why am I like this? I am terrified of not enjoying something.


This completely unfounded fear has plagued me since my childhood—I usually refused to try any new foods, not because I didn’t like how they smelled or looked, but because I was simply afraid I wouldn’t like it. Seems ridiculous, right? I’ve more or less gotten over the food thing now, and I love trying (most new foods. Food is awesome!


But still, I struggle with new music and movies and books. To counter this roadblock, I often force myself to try new Netflix shows (currently watching: The Crown!), and listen to new artists (most recent discovery: Imaginary Future!).

And while it still will take me a few hours of decided whether it is worth spending my time trying something I may or may not like (oh, the irony), I find myself enjoying more and more new things. It’s wonderfully freeing! I may still not ever go anywhere near a cheese dish (yikes), or something with egg (nope) or fish (please keep that away!), and I may not ever develop a love for metal music or documentaries, I am still forcing myself to try new things. It’s how we grow, after all.


If I had continued to try new things, I never would have discovered that I adore Korean food, or that (to the horror of my 12-year-old self) I actually enjoy romance and am an intense romantic at heart! Trying new things showed me different sides to myself I never knew existed! I realized I had resisted enjoying certain things for so long simply because I had decided I wasn’t going to enjoy it. Once I started opening my mind, new worlds of pleasure and excitement were opened up to me!


I challenge you all to try something new this year before 2016 is up! You’ve got two whole months, good luck!

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Hey! I'm Stephanie Wilcox, and I am a professional writing major here at York U! I spend most of my time playing piano or ukulele and crying over books and boybands. I'm currently studying Korean as an elective, and I hope to do plenty of travelling after I graduate. I believe in fighting for a better, safer, and more equal future, especially through words and writing. This is my third year at York University, and I am thrilled to begin writing with Her Campus this year as a CC and seeing the impact we will be making here!
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