The Top 5 Designer Dupes

Many of us emulate designer trends, but if you’re in school, you probably don’t want to be paying that designer price tag. Sure, Balenciaga sock trainers might look cute on Kylie Jenner, but what isn’t cute is dropping over a thousand dollars on a pair of shoes while simultaneously drowning in student loan debt. If you didn’t already know, it IS possible to emulate popular designer trends without breaking the bank or having to sacrifice quality. Now, fair warning, these options will not be dirt cheap, but you’ll definitely be paying a lot less than if you went the designer route.

*All prices are in Canadian dollars


Balenciaga Speed Trainers Dupe - Zara Sock Sneakers ($100)

Zara is known for having the latest runway trends as soon as they appear, and the sock shoe trend is no exception to that. Priced at $100, these shoes offer a similar look and feel without looking like exact duplicates (and the fact that they don't boast a thousand dollar price tag is a nice touch as well).


Left: Balenciaga Speed Trainers

Right: Zara Sock Sneakers


Gucci Ruffled Blouse Dupe- Fashion Nova Right Now Top ($29.97)

If you haven’t heard of Fashion Nova by now, you have probably been living under a social media rock for the past year. Starting as an Instagram fashion brand, Fashion Nova’s first rise to popularity was due to frequent promotion by Kylie Jenner. While mostly known for their affordable, curve hugging jeans, Fashion Nova also has a great selection of runway inspired items. Their Gucci inspired top will only run you $29.97!


Left: Gucci Ruffle Pussy Bow Shirt

Right:  Fashion Nova Right Now Ruffle Top


Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneaker Dupe- Skechers D’Lites ($74)

The LV’s are just one example of many highlighting the chunky “dad sneaker” trend that has been floating around for the past couple of months. When examining more affordable options, Skechers might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but hear me out! I believe Skechers are having a revival. Like Champion or FILA, brands that used to be deemed ugly and unfashionable/mostly reserved for the retired are now being viewed as prominent pieces in streetwear. Not only are Skechers extremely comfortable, but they will only set you back $74.


Left: LV Archlight Sneaker

Right: Skechers D’Lites 3 Sneaker


Gucci Side Stripe Pants Dupe- H&M Super Skinny Ankle Jeans ($34.99)

Gucci has certainly snaked its way into popular culture recently, with the help of rappers and celebrities practically dripping in their clothing. They have pioneered a lot of today's trends, including the stripes on the side of practically everything (jeans, track pants, tops, jackets; if you see a thin stripe running along the side, you know those designers were definitely keeping an eye on the Gucci runway). It’s probably safe to say that a lot of us in school don’t have $1600 to drop on a pair of pants, and that is where H&M comes in to save us from this fashion dilemma. Their Super Skinny Ankle jeans, with the green and navy stripes running along the sides, are at the drastically steeper price point of $34.99. Besides their competitive prices, H&M frequently has student discounts of 25% off, and if you bring in a bag of your old clothes (any brand and in any condition), they will recycle them and give you $5 off your purchase.


Left: Gucci Gabardine Stretch Pants with Gucci stripe

Right: H&M Super Skinny Ankle Jeans


Hermes Birkin Dupe- Dasein Padlock Satchel ($79.95)

Birkins are probably the most iconic handbag in the fashion universe, with prices ranging from $11,000 - $350,000; they are said to be a better investment than buying gold. You may have seen Kylie Jenner’s viral video of her showing off her purse closet, and noticed the very large section she has devoted to JUST Birkin bags. I guess that goes to show that in reality, only “self-made” billionaires can afford such a luxury. Also, because of their extreme rarity, you probably couldn’t even get one if you tried! Luckily for us, many designers have imitated a similar silhouette for a much lower price point. The Dasein Padlock Satchel, made with faux leather and priced at $71.95, is a great example of this.


Left: Hermes Birkin bag

Right: Dasein Padlock Satchel Handbag with Removable Shoulder Strap


Fashion is one of the most visible ways you can choose to express yourself, but never feel as though spending thousands of dollars on an outfit is the only way to achieve a certain look. With a couple of Google searches, you can find a dupe for almost anything and create an entire wardrobe that doesn’t break the bank.