TIFF Film Festival Next Wave

This year, TIFF Next Wave Film Festival is going to be taking place from February 15-17 and consists of around 30 films. This year’s theme  is “Big Mood” and includes the annual Next Wave Marathon of classic movies.

Some of the films this year like “10 Things I hate About You”, “Millennium Mambo” and “Slut in a Good Way” are inspired by teenagehood and what it feels like to be young and in love.

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There are also several movies such as “Al Ghorba”, “Jinn” and “Every Grain of Rice” that dive into the real challenges of cultural identity, as well as having to be displaced or assimilate to new surroundings. Other than cultural identity, some of the films displayed focus on struggling with self-identity. These include “I Am I Am”, “But I’m a Cheerleader” and “Blue my Mind”.

While watching romantic movies is a great way to spend a night, some of these films take a look at the hardships people from all over the world face, in order to emphasize how completely imperfect and painful life can be sometimes.  


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This event, which is brought to us by a heavily female dominated group, is an inspiring experience for film lovers everywhere. Because of this, the people involved in making these films offer truthful and authentic pieces that question authority and social norms.

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Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to come see wonderful works of art for FREE at TIFF Bell Lightbox at Reitman Square 350 King Street West.

For more information you can visit https://www.tiff.net/nextwave/