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Three Study Snacks to Get You Through This Study Season

I’m a snacker through and through, I’m always looking for something to much on while I work or play video games, or watch Netflix. However, study snacks are an entirely different realm of snacking! They need to be flavorful enough so I can use them as “rewards” for finishing tasks or sections of readings, but they also can’t be so mind-blowingly delicious that I’m distracted from my work and obsessing over the fireworks in my mouth. Study snacks also can’t be too messy; who wants to hand in worksheets to their professor with chocolate or oil smudges everywhere? However, I’ve had a few years to experiment with snacks, so here is my list of my favorite things to much on while studying or doing assignments!



Okay, confession: I adore cucumbers. Sometimes if I’m too lazy to grab a full lunch, I literally just eat a whole cucumber. They’re healthy, have a very light flavor, and are really east to cut up into slices so I can munch and work at the same time! I usually cut them up and make pyramids out of the slices because food that looks nice almost makes it taste better! But in cases of extreme laziness, (after washing the cucumber, of course), I’ll just forgo the whole cutting process and eat it as a stick! As an added bonus, the cucumber’s skin is super high in fibre! (http://www.livestrong.com/article/467346-cucumber-peel-benefits/)


Dried Apples and Apricots:

I know these snacks may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but along with regular fruit, I really enjoy dried fruit! I’ve never been a fan of dried bananas, but apples and apricots are sweet and have that slight crunch that makes eating them so enjoyable! While they aren’t as good for you as fresh fruit, they still provide some potassium and fibre (http://healthyeating.sfgate.com/health-benefits-dried-apricots-prunes-23...) that we definitely need on a regular basis! Dried fruits often come in small, portable bags and containers that make them easy to take with you for your Scott Library or coffee shop study/work sessions!



This is somewhat of a broader category, but it’s because there’s so many options! I know you have been waiting for something more junk food-y, so this one’s for you! I really like getting small gummies, like bears, worms, or Swedish Berries and using them to reward myself for every section of a reading done, or every small part of an assignment I complete. I tend to stay away from sour candies during work because the sugar will get all over my work and make my fingers sticky! Gummies are probably my favorite study snack, but for the sake of my teeth, I try to spread out when I use them as motivators.

So now you have my favorite study snacks! Do you have any that aren’t one of these three? Everyone studies differently, and likewise, everyone needs different snacks to get through their work. I don’t often use snacks, simply because it’s so easy for me to get wrapped up in the food and forget about my work, but these ones definitely do the trick when I use them. Good luck with studying, everyone!

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