Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir: The Routine that Slayed our Lives

After skating to a steamy mash-up song from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack on February 11th, ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are all the talk for winning Canada’s first 2018 Olympic gold medal at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The fans are crazy for this dynamic duo. Everyone can’t get enough of these two, adoring their chemistry from a long time partnership of twenty years. Seriously, fans are smitten and judging by the flood of tweets after their performance, everyone is on the same page.  

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If you're not a skate fanatic and are confused how partner ice dance is different from partner figure skating, here’s how:

Ice dance is inspired by ballroom. It officially joined the Winter Olympics in 1976. According to Pop Sugar’s Christina Najjar, skaters must “carry out spins together in what is known as a dance hold and, unlike in pairs figure skating, jumps are not allowed. The music in ice dancing also has stricter rules and restrictions with a requirement that ice dancers skate to music that has a distinct beat and [to] time their moves with the tempo of the music.” But in pair figure skating, “athletes must complete overhead lifts, death spirals, twist lifts, throw jumps, and more.”

The Routine that Slayed our Lives

I have watched this ice dance performance so many times. I seriously can’t get enough of it.  If you have not watched it, STOP reading this right now, watch it, and then come right back!  

First things first… the costumes. Of course, what is Moulin Rouge without some red? In an interview with CBC sports, Tessa describes the costume design process as being very collaborative. Virtue’s dress is a beautiful soft red. It presented her character as very raw and fragile. The mesh of her dress matches Moir’s black costume which had mesh along the sides of his body.    Source: Vancouver Courier

Both Virtue’s and Moir’s dancing was so engaging and passionate. Anyone watching can feel the chemistry highlighted in their magnificent lifts, eye contact and dramatic facial expressions. I, for one, did not want this ice dance to end. The duo scored 118.30 points winning gold for Canada.

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The Hug    

The hug is always caught on camera before Tessa and Scott skate. The 2010 Vancouver games is when Tessa and Scott started the ‘hug’, which is meant to solicit the trust in their partnership before they go on the ice. It’s a way for them to connect and focus their energy in hopes of setting the right tone for their skate.  

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Everyone loves Tessa and Scott because they are amazing partners and work so hard at what they do. They are down to earth and friendly people. Tessa and Scott, Canada loves you!

Source: Giphy