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A Taste of TikTok’s “Qutea” and Her Flavourful Homemade Teas

Like a lot of people our age, I spend a decent amount of time on Tiktok, scrolling for hours. I recently discovered Qutea, a sweet, smart, and talented drink-maker. She was featured on my “for you page” a couple of times. I was enchanted by her when she started off with her Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon series inspired drinks, so of course I had to follow for more. The more I watched her Tik Toks, the more I got to know her favourite shows: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Banana Fish, and the latest Jujutsu Kaisen. These shows are the inspiration for her beautiful drinks. This article rates my personal favourite of each show she’s made, and includes explanations to why you might want to try them.

Ash Lynx Drinks


Let’s start off with her Ash Lynx from Banana Fish drink. The drink’s colors are inspired by the character’s eye and hair color. The drink is both the right amount of sweet and savory. You begin with making the matcha tea by sifting through the matcha with a tiny steel sifter and a matcha scoop. Once that’s done, you add the hot water; this helps break down the matcha, better than if it were cold. With that done, you use a frother to mix the matcha and hot water properly, it moves a lot faster than making matcha the traditional way with the whisk. Next, you may either juice a banana and mix it with milk, or buy banana milk. Personally, my favorite brand of banana milk is Binggrae. The matcha will help balance out the sweetness of the banana milk. I often find banana milk a tad bit too sweet, but it also helps bring out the flavor of the banana while having a solid grip of the matcha flavor. I’d say it’s a 3.9/5 only because I’ve never been a huge fan of bananas, but the matcha redeems the flavor. 

Nanami Iced Tea


The second drink is a Jujutsu Kaisen themed drink, named after the character Nanami. You start off by making Earl Grey Bella Luna the old-fashioned way: by adding hot water and steeping it. You add a mix of Butterfly Pea tea into the Earl Grey tea. The Earl Grey adds the flavor, while the Butterfly Pea adds the color to the drink. You then add non-dairy creamer to lighten the color and make it creamier. You may add a few drops of food coloring to this part to make sure it has the right color. The second component of the drink is to froth some oat milk, but don’t pour it in. Herb jelly is added to the cup to make it more of the pattern on the character’s clothing. Ice is added next, along with the Earl Grey, made with a whisk or frother. It’s added on top of the Earl Grey. The frothed oat milk is then put on top of the matcha, completing the Nanami drink. My personal rating is 3.7/5, only because I do like my drinks a bit sweeter, although the Herb Jelly does help with the sweetness. It has a different flavor when it’s cold than hot. It is very savory thanks to Earl Grey and Matcha. It’s also very creamy despite it not having dairy, making it a lot heavier than I’m used to. It was delicious nonetheless!

The very strawberry Nezuko


The next drink is very easy and the idea originates from a suggestion Qutea’s friend had given her to make a drink after the character Nezuko from the anime Demon Slayer: Kimistu No Yaiba. It starts off with some ice, like most of these drinks do. The second step is to make the matcha, just put in some matcha powder, hot water and have a go at it with the matcha. The next step is pouring about ⅘’s of strawberry oat milk on top of the ice. The final step is to put the ⅕ of matcha on the very top, filling up your glass. This is one of the easiest of the drinks to make but also one of the sweetest in my personal opinion. I find strawberry oat milk a lot sweeter than regular oat milk, which is why I like this drink so much, aside from how quickly it can be made. For these reasons, I’m giving this drink a 4.8/5.

 The Craze of Katara’s Ocean Waves


The fourth tea I’ve chosen to rate was her first tea made for Tiktok, inspired from the cartoon Avatar: the Last Airbender, Katara’s Ocean Waves Healing tea. The drink is pretty easy to make. You start off with a bit of Pearl or light blue luster dust and ice poured into the glass. You then add White Topics tea by Adagio to the glass; it’s made like any general tea. It’s steeped longer when it is steeped with cold water; I’d say give about 15 minutes if steeped cold. You then add it on top of the ice. The last step is to add Butterfly Pea tea, I would personally steep it lightly or normally otherwise the color comes out different than it should. The longer the tea is steeped the darker the blue gets. This tea wasn’t necessarily sweet, but I did enjoy the tanginess of the White Tropics it bought. I’d rate this a solid 4.5/5. It was out of my tea zone, but I love it dearly and it’s so beautiful in the Sun.

The envision of WandaVision


Finally, we have a creation inspired by the Marvel universe, called WandaVision. It is made directly from the colors of Wanda’s color scheme, and bears a close resemblance to Vision’s skin color. You start by making some of Lupica’s Momoka peach tea, heated preferably. Then pour some ice into a glass, followed by some pearl luster dust. You then pour Japanese sparkling pear soda, or just about any pear soda if you don’t have Japanese. At the very end of that, you pour in the peach tea. I enjoy this drink a lot because of the tanginess the pear soda adds to the sweetness of the peach. I would give it a solid 4.5/5. I wouldn’t recommend it to non-soda drinkers since I know the fizziness isn’t agreeable with everyone.

We’ve come to the end of our journey with Qutea’s teas. I highly recommend trying to make any of these drinks! Here’s to more fantastic drinks by her.
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