Summer 2018 Bucket List

Summer is around the corner and you know what that means: hot weather is on the way! If you’re like me, summer wish lists/to do lists are a must. It’s the perfect way to organize your time wisely, plan fun day trips and check off that bucket list. This can range from finishing those books on your shelf to planning a trip to Cuba with friends. Here’s what’s on my summer bucket list for 2018!

Go to the gym/stay active

Maintaining my physical health this summer is number one on my bucket list. Finding time within the week to focus on yourself will not only benefit you physically, but it will also help you schedule better and set goals. This is especially important during a long summer break. If you’re not a gym person there are still plenty of ways to maintain physical health. Biking, hiking, roller skating and swimming are all great outdoor summer activities.     

Train for a marathon

In conjunction with staying active, training for a marathon actually assists in setting clear goals for your physical health. There is a definite date and a distance to work towards.

Try a lot of new recipes

Lately I have been obsessed with finding new recipes online and making them for family and friends. For me, I love the feeling I get after cooking or baking something and then serving it to others. There are also so many fun and inventive summer drinks if you are not a kitchen person! And if you are not a drinks person, well, there is always take out!

Plant a herb garden

This is something I’ve never done before but definitely am interested in trying! I feel like this would be super therapeutic and a really fun way to bond with a family member or friend if you have the chance.

Paint/make arts and crafts

This is a great way to relax your mind while being creative. Toronto is filled with creative in-house shops like The Show, a pottery house that holds workshops and classes for all pottery lovers, or Paint Lounge, which houses freestyle painting, workshops, parties and more. Places like these are creative ways to spend time with friends!

Go to a drive-in movie

I’ve actually never gone to a drive-in but would love to this summer. This is a great date night activity to do with someone special or for an outing with a close family member on a warm summer night with some yummy snacks!

Go to the aquarium/zoo

Toronto has an amazing zoo and aquarium that are both very kid-friendly if you feel like spending time with some younger cousins or siblings. This would also make a great family daytime trip.

Hopefully this list gave you some new ideas so that your summer is both organized and entertaining! Summer can be long and sometimes boring if you don’t set goals, however big or small. With these new ideas your summer will be a blast!