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Staying Warm and Fashionable for Fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at York U chapter.

It’s always a struggle to balance being warm and looking good. In fall, I find myself grabbing clothing that doesn’t even go together just for the sake of making sure I don’t shiver on the walk to class. Not to mention the way that the weather fluctuates; sometimes it’s really cold, and sometimes it can be almost blistering. So, how can one prepare themselves for the fall weather and be Instagram-able every time? 


Turtlenecks are the holy grail of fall fashion. You can wear them on their own, or throw them underneath a t-shirt, sweater, or dress. I love to use turtlenecks so that I am able to wear my summer clothing in fall, as it revamps them and gives them a different vibe. If you don’t know where to get a good turtleneck (or mock neck if you prefer less bulk at the neck area), I will always recommend getting one from Uniqlo. I currently have 6 different colored ones from them!

If you run hot and worry about overheating with a turtleneck, look into sleeveless options. They’re perfect for when you want that classy look under a sweater or button-down, but don’t want to turn into a human swamp.


They come in all shapes and forms: long, short, knit, cowl, infinity, shawl, the list goes on. You can wrap a scarf around your head, your neck, and even your waist. They’re versatile and the perfect accessory for added warmth, so if you don’t have any scarves in your wardrobe you should be looking to get one ASAP!

skin-coloured tights

Finding out about skin-colored tights changed my life. I was always worried about freezing on days I wanted to wear a short skirt, even with knee-length socks or more sheer tights underneath. Now, I throw skin-colored tights underneath and I’m able to keep warm. If your legs tend to get really cold and you need extra protection, look for figure skating tights. They’re nice and thick and they help keep you warm on those colder fall days.


These are my favorite accessories for fall! It’s often too warm to have your hands fully covered but cold enough to stick them into pockets, so fingerless gloves/sleeves save the day. I like to throw on long knit sleeves when I want to wear a T-shirt under my jacket, as they provide enough protection that my arms stay warm even when I take off my outer layer. They also break up the monotony of always wearing long-sleeved tops in fall, which is a win in my books!


Keep out your summer clothes and just throw them on top of a turtleneck, long-sleeve, or tights. Then, top it off with a jacket and/or a scarf and gloves! The key thing about autumn is that it often flips between warmer and colder days, so having the option to ditch the outer/under layer if it gets too warm is awesome!


Reach for clothing made of thick materials and/or those that retain heat. Wool is a given, but materials such as flannel, nylon, fleece, and cashmere are also quite useful for heat retention. Also, look out for cotton polyester! Most thermal clothing is made out of this material, so it’s not something to overlook when hunting for fall clothing.

Dressing for fall can often be bland and repetitive as we prioritize warmth. It’s tough to find the balance between practical and fashionable, so I hope that I was able to provide some tips that’ll help you find a way to spice up your fits for this season!

Amy Cooper

York U '25

I am a third year at York University majoring in Media Arts and minoring in Psychology. I have special interests in fashion, theatre, psychology, and nature :) I hope you like my work!