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A Speck of Good

Doing things we don’t want to do is an unfortunate, inescapable aspect of life. There will always be that one chore or job we don’t want to do, that food we don’t want to try, that experience we’d rather stay far away from. But sometimes we simply have to do it and do our best to find some good in it.

I hate cooking; I’m not actually sure why I hate it so much, but cooking almost always puts me in a bad mood of some kind, and I dread the times when I have to cook. However, it’s a necessary skill that I need to develop if I want to eventually function as an adult. So I do it. I may be completely irritated that I’m doing it, but I do it so I can develop more adult skills that will enable me to live on my own eventually.

In one of my courses, we are tasked with preparing manuscripts for publication, although we focus on the business aspect more than the book design and editing aspects. The first manuscript we went through was a bit of a nightmare to get through, and nobody in the class particularly enjoyed it as a novel. However, in the end we were able to find small pieces of comedy throughout the book, and certain lines or scenes from it have become running jokes in the class. It wasn’t all bad, even though it seemed painful at first.

I’m not going to pretend I’m good at being positive. My natural inclination is usually towards the most negative perception of a situation. But I’ve been trying to find more silver linings or little bits of good in what seems like a pile of bad or at least unpleasant. But sometimes, we have to fight through those inclinations and find a little good that makes the process all worth it in the end.

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Hey! I'm Stephanie Wilcox, and I am a professional writing major here at York U! I spend most of my time playing piano or ukulele and crying over books and boybands. I'm currently studying Korean as an elective, and I hope to do plenty of travelling after I graduate. I believe in fighting for a better, safer, and more equal future, especially through words and writing. This is my third year at York University, and I am thrilled to begin writing with Her Campus this year as a CC and seeing the impact we will be making here!
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