Pre-Spring Cleaning: A 5-Step Guide to Refreshing Your Room & Wardrobe

If you’re anything like the rest of us, your room probably can’t stay neat and organized throughout the school year. If you have anything from textbooks and loose notes to laundry you just never seem to get the chance to put away, your room is probably in need for a little help.

Follow the steps below for a room and wardrobe refresher!

1. Choose a good time.

Depending on your space, this may take up a quite a bit of your day. You might have a lot to go through, and maybe even a tough time saying goodbye to some things. Make sure you’ve set aside a good chunk of time to dedicate to this project. 

2. Identify what's essential - toss or swap the rest.

If you’re sorting clothes, create three piles:

  • Pile one: your must keeps. This would include pieces you’re always wearing and investment/ statement pieces you might not always wear, but are nonetheless a staple. You’ll put these back into your closet/ drawers later.
  • Pile two: your items that are nice enough to be worn, but know you’ll probably never get around to wearing. You have two options for these: donate them to a place like Value Village, or sell them to make money, on platforms such as ASOS Marketplace, and use this to contribute to some new pieces you’ll actually wear. Another option is to set up a clothing swap between you and your friends. You might not be getting rid of clothes, but it’s a great way to refresh your wardrobe without spending any money!
  • Pile three: garbage. You don’t know why you have them, and you wouldn’t even want to give them away. Easy. Throw them out.

Not only are you now a step closer to a refreshed room, you’re also closer to your ideal wardrobe! (see swoon-worthy outfits above)

Repeat the process for your old school work, and anything else you have lying around. 

3. Tackle your storage issues.

After you’ve gotten rid of what you don’t need, you should have a lot more room to store away what you’ve decided to keep. But to take it a step further, adding some simple storage options are a great way to go from a simple de-clutter to super organized. Any of the following options prove to be a great boost to your workspace.

  • Shelving – keep your favourite/ most used books on here, and place some pictures in beautiful frames to not only free up desk space, but also make your room pinterest inspo worthy.
  • A cork board – take those sticky notes off your laptop and place them on your cork board. This is also a great place to add a monthly calendar to keep you on top of your projects, display your favourite birthday cards, pictures from trips and other memorable moments. It also makes a great inspiration board! (see above, right for a variation of this)
  • Organizers – an organizer beside your desk can offer you extra workspace if you’ve got a pretty small desk. A shorter one could also be slipped under your desk to take up less space, and keep your room looking light.

4. Add some colour for a serious re-vamp.

If you’ve got the time, why not add an artistic flair to your closet? It’s a small space you can experiment with, and hey, if it doesn’t work out, you can just close it. Add a splash of colour to the back of your closet wall above your shelving (or just some colourful shelving if you can’t paint), to quickly spruce it up. Try washi tape for something less permanent, and gold leafing the outside of your closet door (see inspiration above, right)  if you’re feeling more bold and adventurous!

Try any or all of these tips for an easy way to detox your room and refresh your wardrobe all at the same time!

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