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A pink tea pot, crystals and cake on a table
A pink tea pot, crystals and cake on a table
Photo by @angel.ediaries via Instagram
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at York U chapter.

Before I start, I would like to make a disclaimer; I am in no way an expert in the arts of crystals, tarot, manifestation or anything in that field. I’m still learning what these things mean to me and how they bring me comfort and peace with myself and the universe. 

My journey began like most these days, through TikTok. It was in the midst of the lockdown when all of these, “if you see this, this message is for you” videos began to flood mine and my friends’ For You Page. I grew up in a religious household. Though I am not as religious as I used to be, I have always been quite a skeptic when it comes to manifestation and crystals. I remember asking my little sister why she was so fascinated with all of these overpriced ‘rocks’ she would buy and what kind of ‘magical powers’ they possess. Well, how the tables have turned.

Sometimes I get a little shy or embarrassed talking about crystals and their importance to me because I’m afraid people will think that I’m crazy. Explaining how these ‘rocks’ have helped me in my journey and what they have done for me may leave a lot of people questioning my sanity. Even typing this out is already making me feel crazy if I’m being honest. But I’m not saying crystals are or aren’t magical. I believe that if they bring you comfort and supports you in a positive way, then there’s nothing crazy about it. 

So, let’s talk about crystals.

One of the crystals that I love so much is my Red Carnelian.

It was my very first crystal. Carnelians were one of the crystals that were trending heavily on TikTok. They’re meant to help bring courage and attract things that belong to you.  

The reason I started getting into crystals was because I hit a pretty low point in my life and I didn’t know what to do until my best friend suggested that we both get carnelian crystals and see what happens next. Feeling like I had nothing to lose putting my luck in a shiny rock I said, “why not?”. So I learned more about it, meditated and put my energy and desires into this shiny small object in the hopes that something would happen to finally give me courage or direction.

I know it sounds quite strange to say a small crystal had anything to do with the change and progression I made this summer, but I truly believe it had some positive effect on me. This was the beginning of what I like to call my “spiritual awakening”.

Another one of my favourite crystals that I own is my Angelite. 

I was with my best friend in a crystal store buying something for my little sister’s birthday when I noticed a smooth, light blue crystal dangling on a display. I felt some sort of weird connection if that makes sense. Something felt like it was drawing me towards it, as if it was calling to me. They say that when a crystal is meant for you, it finds a way to attract and draw you over to them, which is what I believed happened to me that day.  

Angelite crystals claim to keep your connection with your guardian angel strong, reminding you that you are not alone. They remind you something out there is leading and guiding you to your purpose in life. 

This crystal I own as a pendant, and I wear around my neck every day. I’ve heard that physical contact between skin and crystals help the crystals connect better with your spirit and energy. I feel very connected with it and it gives me a sense of comfort and security. It also gives me hope and faith that the path that I am on is the one I am supposed to be on and that everything I face happens for a reason. 

Another crystal I own is a Tiger’s Eye.

The Tiger’s Eye is another very well-known and popular crystal in the TikTok community. It is a striped dark and light brown crystal that encourages the holder to live boldly, fiercely, and bravely in all aspects of their life

The reason I wanted to get a Tiger’s Eye crystal was because the Tiger’s Eyes and Carnelians are complementary to one another. Both crystals have the healing element of encouragement which is why when using them together they charge each other’s energy to create a stronger energy to help assist in confidence.

When I got the Tiger’s Eye, I also picked up a Rhodonite crystal. 

The reason I decided to pick up both the Tiger’s Eye and the Rhodonite was because I was having such a bad day. I remember being at work and just feeling low. Low on energy, effort and on myself. That’s when I decided to go buy crystals in the hopes of making me feel better. 

I felt a personal connection with the Rhodonite crystals because they are recommended for Taurus, which I am. The Rhodonite claim to be a heart chakra stone, encouraging forgiveness and compassion towards others and oneself. It is also said that if you keep this crystal close to your heart, they are claimed to help promote self love and self-acceptance, which I’ve been struggling with for the longest time. 

The Rhodonite crystal is a crystal that I see as self-care. It is a pink and black stone that differentiate in looks. Some may be striped. This crystal assists in the desire to better oneself, removes and rejects any negative and hurtful vibrations and energies in the body, mind, and allows the spirit to totally connect with oneself.

I’m not sure if reading this helped prove why crystals are important to me or if you, as the reader, think I’ve lost my mind relying on these rocks. I’ll never know. But I see these crystals as my good luck charms and as things that I find the most comfort in when I feel like my life is falling to pieces. 

I’m not trying to convince anyone that crystal healing is the way to go because if your mind is not in it then it most likely won’t work out. But I think crystals are so much fun to learn about and they also give me a greater understanding of the universe and how a lot of people find comfort and clarity in them. Again, I am no expert, but I enjoy these beautiful stones and they give me a deeper understanding of the universe itself.

Hello! My name is Christabelle~ Super excited to start writing and reading all of the amazing works from Her Campus!