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Messy, Not Dirty

Becoming more involved in university made me start caring significantly less about my mess at home. Not only that, but my mess in all aspects of life. Don’t get me wrong – organization is still key. It’s just that everything is now an incredibly organized mess. It doesn’t help that I’m the worst kind of packrat.

When the new school term began, I had multiple calendars set up. I would write important dates and tasks down into whatever I had on hand. This included my YFS agenda, a calendar print-out, notes on my phone, and a separate to-do list. My memory is awful, so it is important that I write everything I have to do down. A simple task like checking what was happening each day became unnecessarily stressful because I had to check so many different sources. So last week, I finally decided that I would start using a Google Calendar. This was sad for me because I love to write my tasks down on physical calendars. It just wasn’t working though. I would constantly be on my way somewhere and have an interaction with someone adding a task to my list and the only thing I had on me other than the clothes I was wearing, was the phone in my pocket. And those who wear women’s clothes know how much pocket space there is in them (little to none). Carrying an agenda around everywhere is silly. I must embrace the digital world. Note: If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to leave it in the comments.

Recently, I was reading about my current tendency to be this messy in order to find incentive to clean. Rather, I found an article stating that there was a difference between messy and dirty. This made me feel significantly better about being a messy person. Messy does not necessarily mean dirty. I would not say that my messiness has reached a state of filth. The only exception is that I don’t dust as often as I should. I also have a dust allergy, so every time I dust, my throat is itchy for the next several hours. So, that’s my excuse for not dusting. It’s not a lie. The question however, is whether I would dust even if I wasn’t allergic.

When you finally manage to take an hour of time out of your hectic schedule, you ask yourself, is it better spent on cleaning or watching an episode of Luke Cage?

I was also recently informed by my cousin that science claims making your bed is a waste of time. My sister also added that in fact, bugs like made up beds better. So now I at least have a reason to consciously not make my bed for a reason other than because I’m lazy and can’t be bothered.

There is probably something that I am missing on the list, but I can think of three things that should always be kept clean even if you’re a messy person: Your body, your clothes, and your bathroom.

If I didn’t feel like I had to shower in the morning in order to wake myself up, I probably wouldn’t do that either. That’s actually not true at all. The B.O. becomes too much.


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