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A Kiss With Darkness

As the sun descends on the horizon, the impending darkness kisses each forehead a sweet hello. Our bodies are blanketed in twilight, yet the secrets of our shadows are exposed. I have always found the concept of a shadow intriguing; a charcoal silhouette produced by rays of light upon our backs. If the light is representative of truth, then the shadow it casts reflects the darkest pieces of our core. Here to tell the honest tales of an imperfect soul. 


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As a child, the night was a foreign entity. One where lost spirits lingered and cruel monsters lurked. One to be feared rather than explored. As my bedtime grew past midnight, so did my curiosity. With widened eyes and a drumming heart, 12-year-old me cautiously peeked beneath my bed frame. Nothing. Night after night, I hollered for the strange creature from beneath my bed to come out and play. He was never home, it seemed. 


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As my body outgrew its old shape, I came to learn that I had been searching at the wrong address all those years ago. That no longer mystic monster did not reside beneath my bed, but within the depths of my own mind. He was a symbol for all of my greatest fears and my deepest vulnerabilities. 


As the dusk envelopes the sky, our bleaker fragments somehow become more visible. I have always believed that nothing parallels the depth of a conversation past midnight. As eyelids grow heavy, our words become raw and genuine. It is as if the darkness provides a layer of protection. Under the guise of this mask, we are safe to express ourselves more sincerely.


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Despite how easy it is to create a dichotomy; a person cannot simply be categorized as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ We each exist in shades of grey. Personal development involves getting in touch with our sensitivities. By acknowledging and exploring those darker pieces of ourselves, we are providing our hearts with the tool it needs to heal old wounds. With an invisible cloak of battle scars and armor, we are warriors. Like sunshine after a rainstorm, beautiful things can arise from the depths of our darkness.