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Keith Lee: Tiktok’s New Favorite Food Reviewer

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If you spend an awful lot of time on Tiktok, I’m almost certain you’ve come across at least one video of Keith Lee and his honest food reviews. Best known for his food videos and his truthful reviews that are not sugar coated at all, Keith Lee has skyrocketed in terms of his following as he surpasses 10 million followers on the platform!

Based in Los Angeles, Lee is a big foodie who isn’t afraid to speak his mind and give his raw opinion on the food he eats. With that being said, he makes countless disclaimers that everyone has different taste buds and opinions, so his might not align with yours. However, his many fans still take his reviews seriously, which is what has caused him to heavily amplify small, family-owned businesses. With a platform as big as Tiktok, he uses his voice to help struggling restaurants and shine a spotlight on them. 

Lee shared a Tiktok on January 3, forever changing the fate of a local, struggling pizzeria located in Las Vegas. Frankensons, owned by Frank Steele, wasn’t doing so hot in terms of business. Struggling to make ends meet, Keith Lee was the miracle waiting to happen. With his taste test video reaching 42.9 million views, Frankensons has been extremely busy as they sell out on their wings, pizza, and garlic knots. 

It’s eye-opening to see how much influence one person on an app like Tiktok can lead to and change the lives of small business owners.

Keith Lee is big on being authentic and transparent about his personal tastes, which is what his followers appreciate the most from him. Lee has continued on to do big things, such as collaborating with American Youtuber Mr. Beast, to having his very own food item on the Chipotle menu! 

It’s amazing to see big Tiktok users using their platform for the better. We are in need of more people like Lee to support small family-owned restaurants!

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Julie Vuong

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Julie Vuong is currently a first year BSc Psychology student at York University. On her spare time, she loves to read, write, listen to music, try new foods, and do origami for fun.