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How to Style 6 Summer Pieces for Fall

Fall is just around the corner and the season typically brings about change but it’s not just the color of the leaves. With online schooling being one of the major changes for us this academic year, the shift from summer to fall fashion is one element of the season I look forward to every year. However, among the numerous changes the Covid-19 pandemic has brought us this far, a notable difference this year was the lack of “summer” we got to have, due to the necessary quarantine regulations that limited summer activities and physical distancing rules which prevented us from seeing our friends/family.

Although this past summer we may not have had many opportunities to wear our new or favorite outfits, this doesn’t mean we have to put all of our summer clothes away just yet. Here are six summer clothing pieces you may already have that you can transition into your fall wardrobe. This will not only help you feel like summer isn’t over yet, but will also save you money by re-wearing “seasonal” clothes.


Midi and mini skirts were such a staple for summer 2020. Try pairing either skirt style with tall boots or ankle booties and a long sleeve turtleneck top or sweater to seamlessly transition your summer staples to fall essentials. Wear semi-sheer or opaque pantyhose too to provide extra warmth for your legs.

T-Shirts/Tank Tops

What’s great about these pieces is that you can layer them together! Try wearing your fave solid tee under a printed tank top/cami. This 90s look isn’t only trendy for the summer! To fall-ify this style even more, pair a long sleeve top under your t-shirt/tank.


Whether you stocked up on mini, midi or maxi dresses for the summer, you can still rock them in the fall! Layering is key for wearing dresses in chilly weather so pair them with t-shirts or turtlenecks to go from “hot girl summer” to “cozy girl fall.” Alternatively, you can layer a chunky sweater on top of your dress.

Romantic Tops

This summer was all about "cottage core"/romantic vibes. If you’re like me and didn’t get many opportunities to wear your puffy sleeve blouses or delicate white tops this summer, try pairing these pieces with darker bottoms. The contrast of the airy light-colored top and structured dark bottoms will help your outfit look less summer-y.


Another iconic look of summer 2020 was wearing bandanas as tops. With the vast amount of Tik Tok tutorials on the various ways you can tie up and wear bandanas as tops, try wearing them in your hair for the fall. This accessory will instantly elevate your outfit by adding movement to your overall look.

Bike Shorts

I don’t know about you but I am for sure glad I discovered bike shorts this year. Let’s be honest, sometimes denim shorts can get a bit uncomfortable. Bike shorts on the other hand, are a more comfortable alternative and the best part is that you don’t need to leave them behind for fall! Try pairing your black bike shorts with a structured blazer, white tee and dark boots or pair your bike shorts with chunky sneakers and an oversized sweater for the ultimate comfy look.

Even though our summer was cut short this year as a result of the necessary changes set in place as an effort to combat COVID-19, it’s comforting to know that style is a constant in our world. For me, dealing with the stress and anxiety I experienced regarding the global pandemic was much more manageable when I took the time to do the little things that make me happy. Scrolling through my Instagram feed, “liking” photos from my favorite fashion influencers and saving posts on Pinterest of seasonal trends I want to try, not only helped to ease my anxieties but mainly got me super excited for fall fashion.

Lisa is a former writer, executive member, and Chapter Leader of Her Campus at York U. She graduated from York University in 2021 with a BA in Anthropology. She is a Kappa Phi Xi alumni and is currently pursuing a Paralegal studies accelerated diploma at Seneca College.
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