Her Campus Profile: Olivia Stanwyck

Olivia Stanwyck is an up-and-coming filmmaker with a bright future ahead of her, currently enrolled in the Film Production program here at York. She also runs the Her Campus York U Twitter account (@HerCampusYorkU), and has a passion for writing, Mexican food, and the Jonas Brothers.


Name: Olivia Cassandra Stanwyck

Her Campus Position: The twitter gal

Hometown: Thornhill, ON

Age: 19

Major: BFA Film Production

Favourite Quote: “Stop video-ing me” -My mother

Source: Olivia Stanwyck


Why did you decide to go to York?

Bit of a fluke. I always wanted to be a film/TV series director but was I so used to TV broadcast and journalism instead. York was the only film school I applied to (my mother told me on a whim and I wasn’t open to it at all, but I filled out the application and did what I needed to do anyway). I mainly applied to journalism and media programs and I was iffy about York’s film program because I didn’t know whether it was something I 100% wanted. I found out that this program is the best film school in Canada AFTER my interview for the program and therefore, when I got accepted, it was not a tough decision at all. 

What is your favourite thing about York?

The diversity and the family I have within my program. Considering there’s only 50 of us, we’re all very close and have each other’s backs. I love that sense of home away from home.

Source: Olivia Stanwyck


What’s your favourite course?

Screenwriting. I love writing. I love having my ideas read by others and them getting emotional over it. There’s no better feeling.

Favourite place to get food on campus?

Z-Teca. I love Mexican food.

What is your program like?

Amazing. I love what I do. And as mentioned before, a home away from home.

What’s your favourite movie? Why?

Wow, so you’re just gonna ask a FILM STUDENT what her favourite film is? I’m going to say something totally dumb but Matilda is ONE of my favourites strictly for nostalgic purposes. It was my favourite film when I was younger. I distinctly remember making my parents rewind it back to the beginning every time it would end. That would happen at least five times a day.

Source: Olivia Stanwyck


Who are your role models? Who inspires you?

This might sounds super narcissistic but whenever I get asked this question I can never seem to answer it honestly. So for accuracy purposes, nobody.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I want to be a powerful woman in the film industry where I influence young girls wanting to get into the field to not be afraid to do so (all while being a RAD director/important key production position in LA).

What’s your dream job?

Big time Film Director


Source: Olivia Stanwyck


What are you most excited about for the future? Most afraid of?

Most excited for what it has to offer. Most afraid of not living up to my full potential

Why did you join HerCampus York U?

Being a student isn’t enough for me, I always want to indulge more in my school’s atmosphere and meet new people and have new, exciting experiences. It helps that I love what I do here.


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