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Halloween 2017 Events in Toronto

This Halloween, there are tons of fun activities to do in Toronto! Whether you like to dance, get scared, or just chill out, there’s something to do for everyone.


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For those of you who love to dance, most clubs in Toronto are having Halloween-themed events during the October 27th weekend. If you love EDM, head over to Uniun where you can get in for free before 11pm if you’re wearing a mask. For a scary-fun night filled with cocktails and mingling check out Buonanotte this Friday. If those don’t do it, dance your heart out to the Top 40 at Orchid this Friday!


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Not a fan of crowds full of sweaty people? Head over to the Power Up Game Bar on Wellington for a night of consoles, cocktails, and costumes. If you’re more into superheros and villains, make sure to stop by the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex for their ‘League of Horror ft. Justice League’ party to fully immerse yourself in the comicbook world.

Haunted houses

Source: Ján Jakub Naništa

Every year there are haunted attractions at Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt and Screemers at the Exhibition Place. There’s also the new event, Legends of Horror at Casa Loma, where they turn the beautiful castle into a terrifying place where creepy creatures lurk at every corner, waiting for you to pass by. This is definitely one event that isn’t for the faint of heart.


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As always, there will be the iconic Halloween block party on Church and Wellesley on the 31st of October. For a night of painting, check out the Paint cabin or Paintlounge for their colourful Halloween events. Or, you can sweat it out at the family-friendly Monster Dash, a five or ten kilometre run that you can do in costume. For the movie buffs, there’s the Nightmare on Dundas Street Movie Nights at the AGO where they’ll be screening the ten scariest movies of all time.

With all these fun events, Toronto is the place to be this Halloween. There’s an event for everyone, so make sure to check some of these out!

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