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Great Holiday Gift Ideas Under $30

The holidays are fast approaching, and no matter what or if you celebrate this month, there’s a good chance you’ll be needing to buy at least one gift. Unfortunately, gift giving can end up costing a pretty penny and, if you’re not careful, even land you in debt. So, before you get too carried away, let’s take a look at some of these more reasonably priced gifts to get the loved ones in your life!

Cards Against Humanity


Cards Against Humanity is a game full of bizarre humour and the power to find out who amongst your friends is a closet weirdo. It’s the perfect gift for anyone in your life who loves working out their ab muscles with laughter! You can find it on Amazon for $24.


Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter/Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick


Rihanna’s new inclusive makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, is a hot commodity this year, and the perfect addition to any makeup lover’s collection. So, head on over to Sephora and grab the limited edition lip gloss or lipstick for $24 each, before it’s too late!


Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit


Ever wonder which one of your friends is the biggest Harry Potter stan? Well look no further, because Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit is sure to weed out the muggles and crown the true victor. You can pick it up at Chapters for $19.95.


Photo Clip Firefly String Lights


If you’ve got a wannabe photographer or Instagram star in your life, this is the perfect gift for them. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it’s a great and unique way for them to show off their photos! As an added bonus, it can even pass for festive. Grab these string lights at Urban Outfitters for $29.


Shitty Horoscopes: The Anthology


If you’ve been on Tumblr long, you’re sure to have seen some of Amrit Brar’s charming horoscopes around. If not, don’t be fooled by the name! Each horoscope is quirky but interesting, and paired with beautiful illustrations. Be sure to pick up a copy from Brar’s Storenvy for your astrology loving friends for $23 USD (about $30 CAD).


Colour Changing UFO Mug

Got a conspiracy theorist friend? Or one who’s really into The X-Files? Well look no further for the perfect gift. ThinkGeek has a cool heat-activated mug of a cow UFO abduction for only $12.99 USD (about $17 CAD)!


There’s tons of great gifts out there, and it can be very tempting to justify spending large sums of money to see your loved ones happy, but it’s important to remember that expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. Just stick to a price range you feel comfortable with, and you won’t have to worry later about how you’re going to pay off your bills, giving you the chance to really enjoy this holiday season!

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