Five Creative Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and you may still be having a hard time figuring out what to dress up as this year. A lot of people around the world come up with the most creative ideas each year.  Looking at other people’s ideas encourages me to come up with a costume that is out of my comfort zone. I have not come up with a costume idea for Halloween yet and if you’re like me, you might not come to a decision until the night before. There are a lot of DIY ideas you could use in case you are one of those indecisive individuals who can’t decide on a costume.


  1. 1. Smarty Pants Costume 


    I love looking up pun costumes because I always get a good laugh at some of the ones I see. The Smarty Pants costume is pretty easy to make. Just glue smarties on a pair of jeans, and put on a nice comfy top and nerdy glasses, and you’re set!

  2. 2. Sprinkles Costume

    This is probably one of the quickest costumes. All you have to do is wear all white clothing, cut out strips of colored paper (or popsicles sticks) and glue them onto your clothes. Voila, you are dressed up as sprinkles on a cake! 


    Click here for the tutorial on how to make it


  3. 3. Disney Park Tourist

    If you love Disney, you’ll love this quick DIY costume. With a Disney-themed top and some mouse ears, you’re ready to go. You can add a cheap camera (or use your phone) and a fanny pack to level up your impromptu costume. Alternatively, you could also go as a Universal Studios tourist.  


  4. 4. The Bachelorette (or The Bachelor)

    I love watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette so I’ll definitely go for this if I need a quick idea. Any dress or gown will go great with this costume. You can also get fake roses and hand them out to any lucky bachelor that you see on Halloween night. For men, you can wear a nice suit and hand out fake roses to any lucky bachelorettes!

  5. 5. Beer Pong

    A classic DIY costume would be beer pong. Glue some red solo cups on a fitted black t-shirt or glue them on a piece of cardboard and hang it around your neck. You can wear this either by yourself or with a partner, such as your significant other or your best friend. 

There are so many ideas out there that you could use as a last resort. If you’re looking for costume ideas really last minute, I suggest looking online. For example, there are lots of ideas for people who have a lot of colored clothes. The important thing is to always have fun when you’re creating these costumes and to be safe on Halloween night. Happy Halloween!