DIY Gift Ideas For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is finally upon us, which means a lot of us are probably whittling down the long list of people we need to buy gifts for: siblings, parents, best friends, mildly annoying acquaintances, the list goes on. With a limited budget, it can be hard to think of creative ideas that won’t break the bank. The simple solution here is to go the DIY route with these festive ideas!

Knitted Scarf

As a knitter myself, this was something I absolutely had to include, not only because a ball of yarn and needles will only cost you around $10, but everyone will also appreciate a thick and warm handmade scarf they can use right away (this is also an awesome gender neutral gift!).


Photo via Pixabay

Desserts In A Jar

You’ve probably seen some sort of variation of the “recipes in a mason jar”, but this is one with a holiday twist. While the options are endless with what kind of dessert you’d want to compact into a mason jar, the fun really begins when you can personalize the presentation to really suit whoever will be receiving it!


Photo via I Am Baker

Body Scrub

Going off of the “gifts in a jar” theme, if you know anyone who really takes their self care seriously, a body scrub might be the right gift for them. Not only is this an incredibly fast DIY project to do (putting a bunch of items in a  bowl and mixing), but you also probably have these items already sitting in your cupboard.


Photo via Suburban Simplicity

Teacup/Mug Candles

For the one who is especially appreciative of scents, you may want to consider making them a candle or two to commemorate the holiday season. This DIY is a little bit more involved, but well worth the reward of aesthetically pleasing candles you didn’t have to break the bank for.



Armed with this list, I am confident you will emerge from this holiday season victorious and now known as the best gift-giver to every live. Of course this list is only the beginning, so feel free to use it as a jumping off point to fuel even craftier DIY gifts!