Celebrity Misconduct

Disclaimer: The following article is written to further explain and make aware of the various situations at hand in today’s society. This article does not mean to offend or misconstrue any information.  

Warning: This article discusses sensitive topics including assault and rape. If you or someone you know need help please feel free to contact 800.656.HOPE (4673) and you'll to be routed to a local sexual assault service provider in your area.


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Ever since The New York Times and the The New Yorker published a staggering amount of on-record accusations against the embattled super producer, Harvey Weinstein, dozens of women have come forward nearly every day to share their stories of similar treatment by powerful men in nearly every industry. More and more women and men feel emboldened by the courage of Weinstein’s accusers to tell stories they once may have thought would fall on deaf ears. Here is a list of a few celebrities who have been accused of sexual misconduct and why:

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Ben Affleck:  has been accused of groping actress Hilarie Burton on the set of MTV’s TRL in the early-2000’s, according to CNN. Affleck has since apologized.

Mark Halperin:  the reporter, author and media personality has been accused of sexual harassment by several women going back many years, according to CNN. He has admitted to some misconduct, although his account is in dispute, and he has since been dropped by several of his employers, including NBC News, MSNBC and HBO.

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George H.W. Bush: the former president has been accused by several women of groping them while making tasteless jokes, according to The Chicago Tribune. Rather than denying the charges, Bush has issued a statement through his spokesperson, introducing the world to the concept of a “good-natured” groping.

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Kevin Spacey: the star of Netflix’s House of Cards has been accused by actor Anthony Rapp of making unwanted sexual advances when Rapp was 14 years old, according to BuzzFeed. Spacey released a statement claiming he was drunk and does not remember the encounter, and Netflix has since suspended production on the sixth season of House of Cards. Several co-workers on House of Cards have said that Spacey made the show a toxic environment, with one accusing him outright of assault. Netflix has since severed all ties with Spacey and is considering killing off his character and moving ahead with the announced sixth and final season of the show.


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Louis CK: one of the most popular comedians in the world has been accused by five women of forcing them to watch him masturbate. The public allegations follow years of quiet but persistent speculation. No further information hasbeen released at this time.

Nick Carter: member of the Backstreet Boys, has been accused of sexual assault by Melissa Schuman, a singer from the pop band Dream. In a blog post, Schuman, 33, alleges that Carter raped her and forced her to perform and receive oral sex when she was 18. Carter denied the allegations in a statement to People. The matter has since then been pushed aside.                            


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There’s nothing new about powerful men being accused of sexual harassment.  For years we’ve seen allegations against men at the highest levels: R. Kelly, Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski, and of course Donald Trump, just for starters. The unfamiliar part is that there are starting to be actual consequences. These men are losing their jobs, being banned from future opportunities, and in some cases, even legal action is taken against them.