The Best Astrology & Zodiac Accounts You Have to Follow

Astrology has become super popular over the past couple of years, especially with things like Mercury constantly being in retrograde, and the Internet making sure everyone knows it! With that being said, understanding astrology can also be confusing and there can be uncertainty on what you should be reading or following. There’s tons of information, whether you want to know about all the signs, look at specific zodiac memes, or follow updates on your sun, rising and moon sign all at once! These can also be cross-referenced with so many other cultures’ astrological beliefs too! The possibilities and knowledge to obtain about yourself through astrology truly has no limit. Below I’ve attempted to map out an easy beginners guide, mainly for great Instagram content, so if you want to know all about the best accounts you have to follow, this article is definitely a must read!

  1. 1. Horoscopes

    The astrology account @horoscopes is great for daily readings and posts tailored to all the signs with a wide variety of content! Their aesthetic is pretty clean & simple, and with 1 million followers it can only mean they offer some amazing zodiac content. The account also has a blog linked in the bio that you can follow for deeper posts and readings beyond the basic posts. They post very consistently, multiple times a day, so you won’t be short of amazing zodiac content by giving this account a follow. This account includes everything from meaningful dates, how new seasons can affect each sign, and even how other planets beyond Mercury in the solar system can affect the signs. This is definitely the perfect account for a beginner who wants to slowly educate themselves into a wide variety of easy, daily content!

  2. 2. Glossy Zodiac

    The account @glossy_zodiac is probably my favorite astrology account of the ones I follow! They take the Instagram aesthetic to a whole new level by using all kinds of current trends from images, shows, memes, famous people, and tons of pop culture references as their main way to incorporate zodiac content to the platform. With 1.8 million followers, they first blew up when the account did content on the signs as Bratz Dolls in a few different forms, and the rest is history. Though their content might be viewed as less accurate and more pop culture astrology, there's a reason why everyone loves it and still follows it, and that’s because of its amazing aesthetic that just can’t be beat!

  3. 3. Sugar Baby Astrology

    This is definitely more of a parody account out of the other options I’ve talked about so far, but @sugarbabyastrology is explicitly content consisting of astrology memes inspired by the 90’s and the early 2000’s! If nothing, it’s a good laugh and totally relatable no matter what mood you’re in while scrolling through this feed. You can find tons of infamous Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan memes turned into iconic zodiac references, tons of 2000’s movie scenes, and many other classic pop culture moments ranging  from things like Disney Channel throwbacks, to shows such as Gossip Girl! If you’re an avid lover of memes or pop culture content, this astrology account is definitely worth a follow.

  4. 4. Know the Zodiac

    @knowthezodiac runs a large, general main account, but also runs individual accounts tailored to each of the twelve zodiac signs, such as @knowaries and so forth if you want more specific content about your own astrology sign! This account also does a podcast and has an app if you want to go beyond Instagram content. Definitely one of the best options for true, simplistic posts about the zodiac signs, rather than the parody pop culture memes and references layered all throughout Instagram. Outside of specific zodiac sign content, there’s also posting ranging between moon guides, forecasts and newsletters that can be found on their account under their designated story highlights. This is no doubt a must follow for all beginners in the world of astrology!

  5. 5. Co-Star Astrology

    Saving one of the best for last, @costarastrology is not only a verified account on Instagram with 1.1 million followers, this is an account for an app that is powered by A.I. that merges NASA data with the insight of human astrologers, making it one of the most accurate places to obtain your astrological information out there! If you don’t feel like you’re in need of the app, their Instagram account has tons of daily content perfect for people on all varying levels of interest in the zodiac signs. However, after trying the app myself, I can definitely say it was incredibly insightful, especially for things like rising and moon signs which I am personally not as familiar with. The personalized daily breakdowns on the app range from things you might find are giving you pressure, power, trouble, and things to think about for the day, month and so forth.  The accessibility range and diversity of Co-Star Astrology means you can’t go wrong with choosing it for all your zodiac needs!

If astrology has been something that’s always interested you, I hope this article helped narrow down some great accounts to follow for all kinds of content and style! Knowing some astrology facts is a great conversation starter, and a helpful guide for insight on many things in life, whether it be yours or someone close to you. Of course, it is not something to let completely rule your life or decision-making process, but think of it more as a useful tool when needing extra help or a nudge in a direction you couldn’t see very clearly for yourself! Whether you’re all about knowing the zodiac signs or not, the beauty of astrology is that if offers something for all kinds of people, cultures, and ages!