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Ahsoka Episode 5 Left Me Shaking In My Boots.

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Episode 5 of the Ahsoka series has fans applauding Dave Filoni for saving the Star Wars universe. 

** This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka episode 5**

I am pretty sure we are all freaking the F out! The latest episode of Ahsoka had me thinking so hard about what this series could be leading to. 

Let me tell you, when we heard “Snips” in Hayden’s voice, I pretty much screamed and started crying. Being a die-hard Clone Wars fan, it is super empowering to see Lil ‘Soka getting her well deserved live-action debut. For me, Clone Wars was such a life changing series, and I will never view the prequels the same again.

But let’s get into the meat and potatoes: we’re in the world between worlds, and Anakin is asking Ahsoka if she chooses to live or die. He puts her back when she was 14 in her first battle – the battle of Genoisis (I presume). The complexity of this scene, seeing the Anakin/Vader shift in the battle smoke, I almost died. Dave Filoni showed us that Ahsoka felt guilty about leaving the Jedi order, overall leading her to think he turned because she left. (I know thats not the case, but a piece of me thinks that’s why she cannot let go hence why she saw him). 

Making my ultimate connection: I think Anakin, in this scenario, was a perfect parallel to the Father in the Mortis Arc (season 3, episodes 15-17). From this arc, we know that the Father tells Anakin he is the chosen one, and wants to offer up his role to Anakin to protect the balance. The Father KNEW Anakin would remain unbalanced, and we see this progression with the rest of the Clone Wars series, and ultimately the prequels. 

Ahsoka truly owns the light side of the force, and mimics the role of the Daughter perfectly. She is the epitome of light – whether it be her attitude toward using violence as a Jedi, and overall respect for the force as a whole. When her and Vader have that final battle and she’s outnumbered, we think its done. She quite literally faces death until she does a quick 1 2 and turns the tables.

If you watched closely, you can see the anger in her eyes. Anakin tranied her to be a warrior, and she did not want that. He taught her how to survive, but she wanted to live (biblical, honestly). The toss of Vader’s lightsaber into the depths explains this to us, paying homage to it being her final lesson from Anakin and her sign to move on.

When Anakin looks down with red eyes, then back up with blue, you can feel the relief inside him. If it weren’t for the manipulation from Palpatine, imagine the Anakin we could of had. It’s amazing and heart breaking to say the least. 

We see Ahsoka almost being reborn when she is being engulfed in the water. It almost felt like a cathartic experience for her, that I most definitely felt. We also see this when she wakes up and changes her garb into all white. A new chapter is starting. 

By the end of the episode and entering the Purrgil’s mouth to hyperspace jump, she does not know where she is going to end up, but I am CERTAIN she will find Ezra and Thrawn. This is where it begins, and I am SUPER EXCITED to see the next episode. 

Lastly, we need to give major applause to Ariana Greenblatt for a PHENOMENAL performance of young Ahsoka. She gave such depth to the character, even from her debut as younger Gamora in Marvel’s Infinity Wars

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