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5 Tips to Get Back into Reading + 5 Books to Get You Started

Were you one of those kids who loved to read for pleasure but now you can’t even get through one  page without losing concentration or interest? I think many of us who enjoyed reading have reached this point, and have attempted, and failed, to get back into it – I most certainly have. I don’t think I have properly read a book since I’ve started Uni, but in the past couple years I have managed to read 8 books, and this year I’ve already read 2! Here are some of the things that have helped me get back into the habit of reading and  enjoy it.

Start with a book you have already read and loved dearly as a kid

Even if the book happens to be a very easy read, start off with something you’ve already enjoyed. It was hard for me to begin reading again because I attempted to read books I had never read and didn’t know if I was interested in them. While the goal is to eventually get to a place where you can read new books, sometimes it’s easier to read what you know and what you like. Also, you will read your childhood books with a new perspective. Our perspectives do change as we get older.

Set aside just 10 minutes, 10 pages, a chapter – whatever works for you

Honestly this is easier said than done. Even though these goals might not seem hard to achieve, it can be hard to start a new habit. For me, I like to try and finish one chapter, if it’s a short chapter, I might read multiple. Everyone’s mind works differently, so pick a goal that works with you and stick to it.

Read at night!

This is another hard one – or so it was for me. I am super guilty of scrolling through Twitter or watching another episode of whatever show I’m watching on Netflix before bed. However, not only does reading at night help you sleep better (as you’re away from a screen), but it also helps with brain performance (as your brain works with the material you’ve read through the night). Like I said it’s hard, but doable – especially If you start off with step 1.

Download Goodreads

If you’re competitive by nature, you may benefit from making a Goodreads account. You can set goals for how many books you want to read, set your progress, see what other friends are reading, and read reviews on books before reading them. You can also set reminders on the app to help you get in the habit of reading.

Get a library card and stop buying books!

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m so guilty of buying books and filling up my shelf with books I will never get to because I just end up buying more. It is important to acknowledge where your weakness is, this was mine. I’m not saying that you need to stop buying books forever, but I’ve realized the only way I will actually read a book is if I actually read a book I already own instead of filling my shelves up with more books. The library card also became an important tool as well because I am able to read books on my list without spending more and harming the environment by buying more. I will buy books I do genuinely like, but I’ve realized most of my adversity to reading was caused by the amount of books I continually bought and never read.

Book Suggestions

To help you get back into reading I have compiled a list of 5 books that I highly recommend anyone to read right now.

  1. Coming of Age: Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky – I literally read this for the first time this year, and I can see why people love this book. I think everyone can relate to the characters in some way and the style of writing in this book makes it seem like you really are there.
  2. Memoir: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without me? by Mindy Kaling - I highly recommend this! Not only is it lighthearted, relatable and has a chapter dedicated to The Office, it is also a really easy read. Honestly when I finished the book I was surprised by how quickly I got through it and how badly I wanted it to be longer. Also, can I just say, I really want to be Mindy’s friend as well.
  3. Children’s book: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein - If you want to start off by reading an actual picture book (I won’t judge), I highly recommend The Giving Tree. I honestly think this was the first book that I ever read, or maybe just the most memorable. I think you can read this book at any age and pick up some good life lessons.
  4. Young Adult novel: The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins – Okay, I’ll admit I’m super biased here. This series honestly changed my life, and if you’re close to me you know how much I still talk about them to this day (also Mockingjay is my favorite and totally underrated). Not only is this series more relatable to the issues going on in the world more than ever, it also goes into how “war” actually affects people. It gives a real in-depth analysis of how deep-rooted political issues can be in the most simplest and understanding way. If you’ve only seen the movies, you’re totally missing out!
  5. A page turner: The One by John Marrs – I had been wanting to read this book since it came out, and I finally did! To be honest I was able to predict many things (thanks to my love for dystopian and sci-fi), but it still had me glued to the pages because the characters were interesting. This book is written through 5 perspectives, and, in all honesty, the ending was not what I had in mind – I'll leave it at that.

Has this got you thinking about a certain book? I hope this gives anyone who wants to read again a little nudge to get back into reading, and I hope that some of these things that work for me will work for you as well. Happy reading!

Hi everyone! My name is Puneet and I am a 4th year anthropology student studying at York. Asides from my schooling, I enjoy fashion, art, history, cooking, sports and honestly just learning a little about everything. You can probably catch me reading The Hunger Games, watching Parks & Rec or listening to old tunes, Harry Styles or J. Cole (ya my music taste is kinda all over the place).
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