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5 Scented Candles from Bath & Body Works You Should Definitely Try!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at York U chapter.

Bath & Body Works is what I like to call ‘heaven.’ The item I purchase most frequently from there is their scented candles. I buy a variety of them but there are five specific scents that I am enchanted by. Here are some suggestions for the scented candles lovers out there.


Fresh Cut Lilacs

Price: $12.95 (On sale, online)

If you love the smell of lilacs, this is a great choice. In this candle there is Lilac Bouquets, Dewy Greens and Fresh Spring Air.


French Lavender

Price: 12.95 (On sale, online)

The smell of Lavender is my favourite. In this candle there is Lavender from the South of France, Vanilla and Soft Jasmine.


Lavender Vanilla

Price: $12.95 (On sale, online)

White Barn also have amazing fragrances that you can purchase at Bath & Body Works. This candle has a combination of lavender and vanilla which can help you relax at home. This candle has Lavender Blossom, White Woods, Creamy Vanilla and Sugared Musk.


Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla

Price: 12.95 (On sale, online)

Cinnamon Spice and nice! This candle could give your home a yummy smell! It has Fresh Ground Cinnamon, Sugar Crystals and Tahitian Vanilla Bean.


Vanilla Bourbon Peach

Price: $12.95 (On sale, online)

This candle is very creamy with a hint of vanilla. This scented candle has Butterscotch, White Peach, Oak Moss, Vanilla Bourbon and Sugared Musk.


These candles aren’t very pricey and can make your home smell magnificent. I hope my suggestions helped and make sure to give some suggestions to your friends and family whenever they go to shop at Bath & Body Works!

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