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5 Photo and Video Apps to Step Up Your Social Media Game

An important part of modern life is social media, and no social media account is complete without original photos and videos. Whether you love taking aesthetically pleasing photos, or just making funny videos, it’s important to make sure you have the right app to achieve your goal. To help you with this, here’s a list of tried-and-true photo and video apps to add that something special to your posts!

Source: Verne Ho


One of the better known photo editing apps out there (and my personal favourite), VSCO is the perfect way to spice up your photos. If you don’t have it in your collection, you’re definitely missing out. The app includes free and paid presets, as well as the ability to edit in various ways including, but not limited to: exposure, clarity, skewing, and adding grain. You can find it (for free) on iOS and Android app stores!

VHS Camcorder

This is the perfect app for those who love to be little a different. Playing off the nostalgia factor, VHS Camcorder is a great alternative to your phone’s regular video recorder. Just as the name suggests, the app can record your videos in a quality and style reminiscent of the ones from the 80s and 90s. It gives you control over many aspects of the video, including  the ability to change the date stamp and frame rate, as well as being able to add filters. You can download this app off of the iTunes App Store, or Google Play for $5.49.

Insta Emoji Photo Editor

This app is great because not only does it allow you to add emojis to your photos, but also allows you to place them anywhere and change the size and position! Insta Emoji also has the ability to turn your photos into “memes,” add stickers, and do basic editing like cropping and exposure, as well as allowing you to buy additional, more advanced functions. As an added bonus, the app even includes the ability to paint with your favourite emojis. It’s available for both iOS and Android phones for free.


Fyuse utilizes spatial photography to make your photos look like they’re moving, allowing you to create images like those cool 360 ones you see of celebrities on the red carpet. The app even has the ability to export your moving picture as a gif, video, or image! Fyuse is available for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.


Last, but not least, is Shift. This photo editing app lets you choose from a wide variety of presets, colour filters, and textures to make each photo unique. It’s a great tool to have, especially if you’re attempting a colour theme in your Instagram. You can get it for iOS or Android for $0.99.

Creating and editing your photos and videos can be hard, as can standing out on your choice of social media platform. Thankfully, with these apps, you’re sure to have at least a little bit of an easier time of it.  


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