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This holiday season is nothing like what we’ve seen before. Like everywhere else in my region, all the stores I originally planned to shop at are now closed. Finances are tough for most people, and if we’re being completely honest, the holiday cheer just isn’t here this year.    2020 taught me that now, more than ever, I’m elated about my family’s health. While I’m doing my part to avoid the spread of COVID-19, it’s tough. To help bring a sense of normalcy to my life, I’ve been watching Christmas films on the weekends. Although Christmas looks different this year, that doesn’t mean all our traditions need to change. Here’s a list of my top five holiday movie recommendations that are an absolute must-see.

Christmas With the Kranks

This 2004 classic follows the Krank family who has completely lost the Christmas spirit when their daughter won’t join them. Filled with comedy and all-around scrooge behaviour, the Krank family is an accurate representation of most families during this time of year. Especially during this time of social distancing, people are longing for their loved ones. The Kranks scramble to set up their house when their daughter surprises them with her arrival in their home city. We can all learn from the Kranks and remember to not cancel Christmas this year — no matter how tempting it may be.

Santa Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws

I don’t consider myself a dog person, but these adorable puppies make me reconsider every time. The film follows Puppy Paws, a rebellious dog who grows tired of the North Pole and decides to leave in search of an adventure. His travels lead him to Budderball, where they get into all sorts of mischievous hijinks together. No matter what mood I may be in, this movie always leaves me with a warm feeling.


I should preface this by saying that at this point, I’ve basically memorized every line to this 2003 Christmas classic. After realizing his true identity, Buddy moves to New York City where he has a harsh awakening. While it’s a hilarious film, Buddy highlights the ungratefulness that we’ve all come to display in our daily interactions. Honestly, having worked in retail, I can say with full confidence that the holidays tend to bring out the worst in people. Elf, though intended to be comedic relief, serves as a brutal reminder about the true meaning of Christmas.

The Polar Express

In elementary school, we would host movie nights, complete with popcorn and drinks to watch this film. The movie follows a young boy who is skeptical about the existence of Santa. Although it’s a common theme in most Christmas movies, this one goes so much deeper than that. It’s sad to admit, but only now as an adult do I appreciate the parallels between the movie and real life. It eloquently hints at the importance of having faith in our everyday life. The Polar Expresses shows us that miracles happen for those ‘those who truly believe.’

The Princess Switch

Sorry everyone, but you’ll have to blame Netflix for this. I’m a total sucker for cheesy movies. I love the 2 hours where I can completely escape from reality and pretend that I’m part of the movie myself. I mean, who doesn’t? The movie stars Vanessa Hudgens, who, in the most unrealistic way possible, finds out that her doppelganger is royalty. The two switch lives for what should’ve only been a day but of course, what Netflix special makes anything easy for its main characters?

Despite what anyone else may argue, the ultimate movie to watch on Christmas day is Home Alone. Seriously, it’s not Christmas without that film. Please remember to take care of yourself this holiday season. It’s not easy, but sometimes, all you need is a ridiculous movie to turn your brain off for a few hours. To anyone reading this, I truly wish you and your loved ones a safe and merry holiday season.
Kamesha is a rising junior at the Schulich School of Business, majoring in Strategic Management & Responsible Business. She is the Co-Campus Correspondant for Her Campus at York University and is a writer for Artichoke Magazine. Kamesha is an aspiring lawyer, hoping to use her voice for those who aren’t afforded the same privileges as her. She is thrilled about the upcoming year and the chance to run her team alongside her incredible Co-CC!
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