3 Easy Tips for Managing Stress

It’s here. The last few weeks of the semester are upon us, and its crunch time. With deadlines looming nearer and exam schedules out, where has all that time we had in January gone?

If you’re a soon-to-be grad like I am, you’re probably just about ready for this whole thing to be over. Just a few more weeks and you’ll officially be done. Not yet graduating? You may have quite a bit to go, but hang in there! When you look back at how far you’ve come and how much you have learned each year, the results will be rewarding.

With that being said, this is definitely a stressful time for everyone. Here are some quick stress management tips to carry you through ‘till that last exam. 

1. Eat.

Studies have shown that a lack of nutrition can increase stress in the body, so of course a healthy and balanced diet is your best bet. Make sure to get your fruits, vegetables and beloved green smoothies in. You’ll definitely need that boost.

But it’s also okay to grab some comfort food here and there as well. Is cake, brownies, or a whole small pizza to yourself your type of thing? Satisfy your cravings and release your stress through a little indulgence here and there (but maybe don’t eat the whole pizza).

1. Take breaks.

Whether you like to take short breaks in between studying and writing those essays, or longer breaks like an afternoon off, make sure you do get some time to yourself. Take a nap, put the books away or leave your study area, watch a movie, or hang out with some friends. Whatever it is you do, make sure you get some me-time. 

3. Stop procrastinating.

I know – it’s difficult. Sometimes you can’t help but do it. But leaving your assignments until the last minute will undoubtedly increase your stress level, as the deadline inches closer and you’re nowhere near finished. Why not do yourself a favour and start a calendar – and stick to it – to outline and balance your tasks. That way, you’ll have a visual reminder of what needs to be done and for when.

A very simple list, but if you take these steps you should see a reduction in that end-of-year stress! You’re almost done! Good luck!

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