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3 Cute Ways to Spruce Up Your Boring Room This Spring

March has come and is almost over. It doesn’t look like the weather will be clearing up anytime soon, so why not start clearing out all the unwanted junk we have stored up in our rooms and closets? A new season calls for new room decor!


Frame Wall

Photo via:  Ready for DIY

The first Pinterest inspired room decor idea is a wall of frames. The key to having a good wall of frames is to make it messy. You can use minimalist colours like white, black and sliver, or completely make it your own with as many unique colored frames and pictures as you can find. It’s totally okay to mix and match different styles. That’s what gives it character, so have some fun and make it what you want!


Plant Corner


Photo via: Apptivate 

I love plants. I think they add a touch of freshness to every room and they are a great way to experiment with styling! A little corner filled with plants brings life to a bland room. Personally, I think plants on the window pane look very cool and unique. For corners, maybe a bonsai, mini palm trees or tiny cacti.


Wall Decor


Photo via: Rocketwebs 

I think one of the cutest and simplest ways to spice up a room is some fun wall hangings to add extra color to your room. My personal favorite is adding a tapestry in an empty corner or right above the bed. This not only adds some nice decor to the walls, but also makes your room nice and cozy!

Photo via: ABCDesk

This spring, don’t let the dull and cold weather bring you down. Instead, use it as an opportunity to make your room and life a much more fun and vibrant place. Have fun with some new decor and watch how you take a boring old room and make it into something new and exciting!



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