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10 Of The Best Writing Tips from Successful Authors

Writing on a blank page can be daunting. You put so much pressure on yourself because you want every sentence to be a beautiful masterpiece woven into the most perfect piece of writing you will ever create. However, it almost never turns out that way, because you get in your own head too much when you write. So, here is some advice from great authors that will help you improve your writing and help you get out of any writer’s block.


Zadie Smith was born in Britain and she is an award-winning essayist, short-story writer, and novelist with her most famous work, White Teeth.

Will Self is a bold, satirical fiction writer and a political commentator who you can see in various news outlets like The Guardian and The New York Times.

John Green is an American author who has had multiple successes in turning his award-winning novels into movies. He is best known for The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns.


Source: The Things We Say


Stephen King is a world famous thriller/horror novel author who is skilled at terrifying his readers. His successful writing career started in 1973 with his first novel Carrie.  

Octavia Butler used her platform to expose the issues with humanity as a whole. Her insightful writing led her to win many awards including the Best Short Story Hugo Award for her piece called “Speech Sounds.”


Leslie Gordon Barnard is a Canadian short story author born in Montreal. Barnard was very passionate about his writing and his works frequented many magazines such as Maclean’s and Canadian Home Journal.

Kurt Vonnegut had a 50-year writing career which resulted in him producing 14 novels as well as plays and short stories. Some of his most famous works include Player Piano and Slaughterhouse-Five.

Source: Writers Write Creative Blog


Sarah Perry is an English writer who has had her works nominated for the Costa Book Awards and her book The Essex Serpent was named Waterstones Book Of The Year in 2016. 


Sir Tim Smit is an outspoken environmentalist who has combined his passions for both nature and writing. He has created the Eden Project in the hopes of “saving the world.”


Source: Tumblr


Ernest Hemingway influenced 20th century fiction writing with his unique writing style. He is a critically acclaimed writer with famous works such as The Old Man and the Sea and A Farewell to Arms.


So, there you have it! We all have to start from somewhere, so don’t be intimidated. Relax and just enjoy the process, because you’re only going to get better the more you write!

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