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All of my life, I have had this feeling of not being able to fit in in most places. It was like I was a cube block trying to fit in a triangle space. Everyone had their cliques growing up. And I think my education kind of brought me a solace. It was that safe haven that I can wrap myself in because it was straightforward and practical.

It reminded me that life isn’t about the people you want to be but the person you can become from the knowledge that you collect. It was the one thing that was always a constant in my life. And with the education that I have cultivated through the years, I found that nothing in this world means more than learning everything you can.

During my high school career, I lived in a world full of music and dancing but coming from that, it was about the confidence in yourself and how you can thrive in that confidence. It is not about knowing the facts and the statistics but it is about seeing that significance within it all.

Now, being college, I never take anything for granted. I hold on to memories and moments that bring me that strength to overcome every barrier and break any boundary. Though I focused on an education based on writing during my undergraduate career, it has taught me to dive into the wreck. Whatever feeling you have, any anxiety or fear, you must find that hope and that light from it. My education showed me that knowledge is power. And everyone has the opportunity to be the most powerful person on this planet.

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