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When In Doubt – Dye It Out

Ever since the summer of my senior year, I’ve gone through several crises. Whether it’s because I lost touch of my identity or because I’m going through a tough spot in life. Either way, it ALWAYS ends up with one big decision – dying my hair.

I’ve had this addiction for quite a while now. And to be honest, I’m surprised that my hair hasn’t fallen out.

It started off this summer with this deep, almost burgundy color?

And then after a couple of fades, I decided to head straight to black.

And now for today’s adventure, I’m hoping for a purple/fuchsia vibe.

So, why am I writing about this? To brag about my hair?

Well, no. As much as I’ve always thought my hair was the best part about myself, I just to let an audience know that they are not alone when it comes to hair changes, especially when it’s an identity crisis change. Sometimes, we lose touch with who we are as people and I think exploring your creativity when it comes to hair changes (or anything, really) can be a good thing.

So – go forth and dye it out!

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