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A Totally New Environment

Summer is over. That’s such a sad 3 words, right? School season has rolled around and we’re not going back to our old grind in High School. We’ve all moved into these crazy rooms called dorms with someone we may or may not have been acquainted with before. Maybe you’re still at home sleeping in your own bed! But you still need to drive to this new school and stay organized. It’s a lot to fathom as a fresh new adult. Some may say, “The first 18 years of your life is like a free trial, and after that it’s pay to play.” On my behalf, I’d like to create a new account and subscribe to the trial again!

I’m put in an unordinary environment, and my parents say goodbye. What’s next? Maybe a few tears, eating all of the snacks in your room and going to buy more at the Spart’s Den (horrible idea!), calling mom and dad to come home for the weekend? Sounds like a plan. I’ve learned quite a few things for only being at York for a week. I view college as my last chance to make tons of friends. They have the potential of being your sidekick forever. Keep your door open when you’re in your dorm! People can pop in and say hello, and it’s a great way to meet some of the people on your floor. I might be sounding a little bit like your mother, but jump out of that comfort zone just a little bit, be yourself, and don’t do anything you wouldn’t do morally.

College is such a change from High School. That’s a little bit of an understatement and also an obvious thing to say, but I find it to be a great change. I went home the first weekend, and I didn’t want to get back in the car back to  come back to York. No matter how much you miss your family, pets, or lover, absence makes the heart grow fonder. That’s what my mom always used to tell me. Coping with this change is hard, but going back to the norm can negatively impact your acclimation. I found that friends and getting involved in clubs can really help get your mind off of everything, as well as thoroughly completing homework and other projects. Making use of the time allocated is so helpful and has helped eat up all of that extra time.

Personally, I sat in my dorm in the evening and ate pepperoni, fruit snacks, and cookies and facetimed my friends from back home. I wouldn’t recommend that.


Living in the past while you’re in a new chapter of your life, it’s not really going to benefit moving on. You can cherish all of the memories, but think about it this way: When you’re driving you can’t really keep on driving when you’re looking out the back window, you’ll crash. You need to keep your eyes forward. It’ll be alright, I’m slowly beginning to become adapted to this weird college environment, hopefully you will too.

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