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Things I’ll Miss About YCP

Graduation day has finally caught up with me and probably everyone else. Sadly, I’m going to miss York College. YCP is full of quirky and fun memories for me, including some of my favorite classes like photography, making comics and creative writing. 

I know graduation is going to be an emotional moment for everyone but remember that you made it! You were able to accomplish your goals and receive a diploma for all your hard work. Though we will finally be parting ways with our colleges and moving on into the big world, there are still some things that we will miss about our colleges.

Here are few things that I will miss about YCP:

The Squirrels

I will miss seeing all the random squirrels running around on main campus. Even the ones that like to pop out of the trash cans and scare the crap out of you.

The PokéStops

YCP’s main campus is crawling with PokéStops and gyms for all you Pokémon Go players. When the weather was great, it was fun to spend an hour or so walking around, capturing Pokémon and battling gyms.

The Plant Life

I’m allergic to pollen and grass, but I always did enjoy seeing the flowers in bloom and the bees in the spring on main campus. Even though they did make my eyes water and my sinuses stuffy.

The Humanities Center

Considering most of my writing classes were in the Humanities Center, it was like my second home. I have spent some quality time pouring over the computers either typing up papers or messing around with Photoshop for one of my art classes…sometimes for six hours straight.

The Schmidt Library

The cubicles that were next to the windows were my favorite place, especially when I was mainly stuck in classrooms that had no windows. The Schmidt Library was a great place to relax and study. Plus, the library is a PokéStop, so I could catch some pidgey in between flipping through my linguistics textbook.

Marisa is a Senior at York College of Pennsylvania majoring in Professional Writing. She loves to read and play video games. She is overjoyed to share her experiences with Her Campus.
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