Summer Fun!

It’s that time of the semester where everyone is over school and ready for summer. The end is in sight, but it’s not quite time yet to go home, lay back and relax, and enjoy the sunshine.

Summer is a time to wind down from the stressful school year and make lasting memories. Here are a few things I will be doing this summer…


Hands down the best thing I will be doing this summer is going to Disney World! Disney is my favorite vacation to go on. I grew up going to Disney World, so when I go now, it makes me feel like a kid again. My grandparents have a timeshare at Disney so I will be staying at Disney’s Boardwalk. My mom, brother and his fiance, and my boyfriend will be taking on the adventure this May at the happiest place on Earth!!

Relaxing, Relaxing, Relaxing

I thoroughly enjoy simply doing nothing. I’m a pretty simple girl, so a day spent with friends or lounging out binge-watching one of my favorite shows sounds pretty good to me. I live in a small town so my friends and I like to take drives with no destination in mind...just simply seeing where the road takes us. I’ll also be spending time with my family and dog. :)


No one wants to spend their summer working, but this summer I was fortunate enough to get a nurse externship position at my dream hospital I’d like to work at, the Hershey Medical Center. I will be spending 10 weeks of the externship program on a Med-Surge Unit learning various skills that will help prepare me for when I become a Registered Nurse. I’m very excited and thankful to start this opportunity!

21st Birthday!!

The last exciting event taking place this summer is my 21st birthday!! FINALLY! I’m the last one in my friend group to turn 21 and it feels like I have been waiting forever! The big day takes place on August 11. Another friend of mine from home turns 21 on August 3, so our friend group will probably all take a road trip somewhere to celebrate!!