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A Very Brief Rundown of Stranger Things and Why You Should Watch It

Stranger Things, a show created by Matt and Ross Duffer. The show was placed in the small town of Hawkins, in the 1980’s. It easily grabbed the hearts of many, from the nostalgia of dungeons and dragons, the permed hair and mullets, to the witty humor of the kids; it was an instant hit. Long story cut drastically short, the first season revolves around a group of friends (Dustin, Lucas,and Mike) searching for their lost friend Will, befriend a girl named Eleven with psychokinetic powers, as well as running from the government and the Demogorgon.

Yeah, I highly recommend the show.


At the end of the season, viewers were left stunned. Where’s Eleven? What the heck is wrong with Will. WHEN IS THE NEXT SEASON?!


And finally, with much waiting, October 31st comes around; and this time with more episodes. The season has it’s ups and down, and thankfully it is more fast paced. We get to see a relationship between Hooper and Eleven (Jane), how Will slowly starts to deteriorate from being in the upside down, and evolution of Steve’s character, and more gore and killer jumpscares. All I can really say, is that there is a happy ending. Anding being the harsh movie/series critic that I am, I give the show a solid 8/10.


And happy to announced that Netflix has renewed Stranger Things for its third season.


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