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Recently, I saw the film, A Quiet Place. Let’s just say I wasn’t really impressed. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll give a quick summary. The film is a mix of horror and Sci-Fi that follows a family as they try to survive in an apocalyptic world. Unfortunately, the world has been invaded by dangerous creatures. Sound is the way the creatures hunt, and the best way to stay alive is to not make a sound. 

Don’t worry. I won’t mention any spoilers just my opinion of the film. The film was good as a one-time event, but once you see it you don’t really care to see it again. I wish there was more of an explanation as to where the creatures came from. I’m a bit weird, but I didn’t find the creatures to be scary. They were more on the cute side of the spectrum. Granted, I probably would have been freaked out if I met them in real life, but I thought the creatures were adorable.

I also think the film would have been a lot more interesting if mood music was not played throughout the film. The focus was on the sound portrayed within the world of the characters, so mood music was not needed to set the scene. Overall, I thought the film was decent and somewhat scary, but I thought it could have been better. 

Marisa is a Senior at York College of Pennsylvania majoring in Professional Writing. She loves to read and play video games. She is overjoyed to share her experiences with Her Campus.
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