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Profile: The Friendship of Courtney and Chantel

Courtney and President of Her Campus YCP Chantel have been friends from day one. Living just across the hall in their freshman dorm, they did not expect to be this close to one another in the very last weeks of their college career.


Courtney, from New Milford, CT, is a Criminal Justice major who loves to rock climb and  teaches Chantel how to fold t-shirts even though she fails at it every time. She is obsessed with the show Friends and can probably sing every Bruno Mars song known to man. 


While Chantel, from Long Island, NY and a Professional Writing major, loves to Snapchat and have Courtney involuntarily quote her on random things. Like this right here…


But they are one dynamic duo with a great spirit. They both work at the bookstore, where they basically gossip about guys and talk about Netflix shows like Shameless and Skins UK.


It is a wild ride and they can’t wait to see what life has in store with one another.



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