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Perks of Being a Literature Student

Perks of being a Lit student


1. You’ll always have an invigorating conversation

           Lit students have a tendency to talk, and talk, and talk, about anything and everything. Not in the annoying way you’re probably thinking about, but in the way that’s like, “OMG this person gets me! I wanna know more about them!”


2. You’ll never be bored

           Sometimes there will be random drawings of Harambe on a whiteboard next to a small monkey.

Whoever drew that by the way, that was cute. A+



3. The writing center

           The writing center is a place most people go to for tutoring or help with a written assignment, but it’s also where most of us congregate. If you happen to wander in there you will see whiteboards covered in funny comments, polls, or fun news.

4. We’re friendly!

           Lit majors are usually very friendly due to the fact that discussion is part of our everyday life. Again with the talking thing. Yeah we like to talk. We talk to friends and we talk to strangers, we just don’t talk to clowns. So if you’re not a clown, just say hello and make a new friend, or friends. We travel in packs sometimes.



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