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Looking Through The Window in ‘Rear Window’

Recently, I watched the film Rear Window for my Intro to Film course at YCP. I had seen the film before, but seeing it again made me reminisce about why I appreciate this film so much. Some may call this film a cliché and predictable, but I find it to be a classic. A photographer named Jefferies (James Stewart) breaks his leg and is confined to his apartment. His only form of entertainment is spying on his neighbors, but spying becomes risky when he thinks one of his neighbors is a murderer. Tension and suspense unfold with this Alfred Hitchcock film. Hitchcock is known for many other films, including Psycho and The Birds. He was a genius at camera angles and creating tension within his films. If you are in need of an old classic film then here are a few reasons as to why you should watch Rear Window:

The 1950s Fashion

Cinched waist dresses and white pearls. Classy and elegant at the same time. Grace Kelly’s outfits were beautiful in this film from her white tulle dress to her green pencil skirt.

The Acting

This film relies on acting to convey both emotion and mood rather than CGI to set the atmosphere. Since the main character is confined to his apartment room, the interactions of the characters around him provide the entertainment for both the main character and the audience.

The Camera Angles

Every time Jefferies looks through his camera, the audience gets to feel like they are looking right through the camera lens. The audience becomes part of the film as Jefferies keeps an eye on his neighbors.

Full of mystery and romance, Rear Window is the perfect Valentine’s Day film.

Marisa is a Senior at York College of Pennsylvania majoring in Professional Writing. She loves to read and play video games. She is overjoyed to share her experiences with Her Campus.
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