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Her Campus Coverage:Summer Survival Kit

This survival was chock full of hygiene friendly and body positive items that every girl needs to have some fun in the sun!

From Secret, we got some wonderful smelling deodorant that is perfect for a post-run regime. It is perfect the scent for any natural pheromones.

Our next item from the survival kit is the wonderful Steripod toothbrush holders. I personally am in love with this item because it so cute in all the colors that it comes in and is super handy when it comes to traveling outdoors.

Another thing that keeps us ladies in check is the Simply Summer’s Eve cleansing wipes. They came in two fragrances that accentuate all parts of your lady bits. It is truly amazing. If you’re feeling a little sour (down there) and not so sweet, you have the mandarin scent that is perfect for laying out in the sun. And then we also have the coconut scent which works so well with any outdoor activity.

Our fourth and most adorable item from our survival kit is the Her Campus coozies. They came in three different colors and have some really iconic quotes one them!


And for our correspondents, there was a wonderful new publication called White Fur a novel, a wonderful about two star-crossed lovers set against the glitz and grit of New York City.

And that’s what you missed on Glee!


Stephanie is a Senior Professional Writing major at York College of Pennsylvania. She is a York College cheerleader; so she also likes big bows, and she can not lie.
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